Spring Paper Daisy Display | Australian Botanic Garden

Bringing you some fabulous pictures from Spring Paper Daisy Display at the Australian Botanic Garden in Sydney. The flowers are in full bloom during the month of September, which is the first month of Spring in Australia. The whole garden is brimming with stunning flowers, especially the Native Australian flowers that are a sight for the sore eyes. After the long harsh winter, Spring brings the vibes and color that fills my heart with joy.

Paper Daisy Display

I visited the garden in the month of June with my family. At that time, the seeds had just been sown and this mesh covered the area to prevent any damage to the seedlings.

Check out how it looked after three months.

spring paper daisy display australia sydney

I have so much admiration for the employees of the garden for maintaining this amazing place and making it freely accessible to the public.

spring paper daisy display australia sydney
spring paper daisy display australia sydney
spring flower garden - paper daisy

People were maintaining social distancing rules, except maybe while taking pictures around this area. It felt really good to be outside after a long time, and given the spread of Covid-19 in NSW was less, the outing didn’t feel risky either as we took precautions to maintain distance from people.

spring flower garden - daisy

This was taken last year when my baby was a little more than 5 months old.

I will be doing another post on other lovely flowers I found in the garden, as soon as I can find their names. I love flowers, but unfortunately, I am not so great with names.

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  1. This blog was a lot more beneficial for me than I could have thought. It is informative and enlightening, as it gives exactly an explanatory guidance and direction.

  2. The flowers are a divine sight! Thanks for sharing such gorgeous blooms. Rajlakshmi. You are a blessed soul to be living amidst so much beauty that we can only dream of!!!

  3. I remember your post from last year and shocked to know its been a year. Damn how the time is flying.. Thanks for sharing this as its truly very gorgeous. Thank god for the horticulturists doing such brilliant work!!

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