8 Lockdown Fitness Challenge Ideas To do at home

Today is the first day of Spring in Australia. It also marks 6 months of working from home due to coronavirus. Like every one else I am also trying my best to cope up, but I am hoping to come out stronger than before. I have done a lot of fitness challenges in the past few months, thanks to Instagram and Tiktok. They not only motivated me to stay fit but also makes exercising fun. Sharing with you 8 fitness challenge ideas that you can easily do at home.

Cup stack push up challenge

Frankly, I am not great at doing push-ups. But when the challenge looks this fun, why not give it a try. I did this challenge for winter-fitness events at work last month. It was fun to see so many of my colleagues giving it a try. The winner was a guy who did one-hand push-ups. And I thought I was extra. 😛

Right foot left foot TikTok challenge

I found this challenge on Tiktok. I must have done a whole workout just learning the choreography. 🙂 This video doesn’t have music, check out a compilation of right-foot-left-foot plank challenge on Youtube for the background score.

5 min Plank Variation Challenge

Plank challenges are excellent ways to make plank-holds more fun. In addition, they help in strengthening your body and improve endurance. But for those like me who can’t hold 5 minutes of planks, it can be hard. So I tried to do 5 minutes of planks with variations without rest. Here’s the breakdown:

1 min straight arm plank
1 min side planks (30 sec each side)
1 min forearm plank
1 min forearm side planks (30 sec each)
30 sec straight arm plank
30 sec elbow plank

Jump Squat Push-up Pyramid Challenge

I found this challenge on Kayla Itsines Instagram account. Start with 1 jump squats and 1 push up, then keep incrementing the jump squat and push up by 1 as you move up the level. I could do up to 5 jump squats and 5 push-ups without losing my form. After that (a total of 15 push-ups and 15 jump squats), getting up from the floor made my muscles scream. 😛

1000 Rep Challenge

The idea is to do a total of 1000 repetitions of any number of exercises. You can either pick 10 exercises and do them 100 times or add more exercises and complete a total rep of 1000. I love this challenge as I can mix and match different moves and make my workout more fun. Plus my competitive alter ego doesn’t let me quit.


Yoga Challenges on Instagram

flying lizard yoga pose with yoga blocks
Flying lizard pose that I tried for the first time during the challenge

There is no dearth of yoga challenges on Instagram. Just today I completed #StyleYourLizard challenge where we shared variations of Lizard pose for one week. The yoga challenges are fun and give you a sense of being a part of a huge community, especially in current times when we are isolated from society. Also, you get to learn different variations of the same pose – both at beginner and advanced level. I follow @Yoga.Challenges.Directory to find the latest yoga challenge.

Most of these challenges run for a week or fortnight. You need to post a picture of you doing a yoga pose based on the prompt every day. Also, there are prizes to be won too.

108 Suryanamaskar

This is a challenge that my friends and I took a few months back. What helped us most was the preparation to complete this challenge. We spent many days discussing the poses, breathing technique, then doing a set number of suryanamasker each day, gradually increasing the number to strengthen our body and increase flexibility so that we could accomplish 108 suryanamaskar at one go without any injury.

Upside down Doorway challenge

Doesn’t it look fun? Check out the video on how I did this upside down doorway trick. You will need a little bit of arm strength to go into a handstand against the door and core strength to hold you in that upside-down position. Put lots of cushions/pillows around you if you are scared of falling.

Tag me on Instagram (@rajlakshmihb) or leave a comment here if you are going to try any of these fun fitness challenges.

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19 thoughts on “8 Lockdown Fitness Challenge Ideas To do at home

  1. These are some interesting routines to do at home during the lockdown. It has really been a hassle to workout efficiently at home but these workouts can be done easily. Thank you for sharing these, hope I retain my fitness

  2. Except for yoga and your handstand , door way pose etc I do a lot pf the other stuff but never timed it. My biggest question is “How do you manage to take these videos , do you have someone take it for you?” I always post after workout pics and am a bit hesitant to take videos when working out but I would like to experiment.

    1. I don’t take videos of my complete workout everyday but of certain poses and flows. It helps me to analyse my form later, specially yoga poses. Also it helps me in tracking my progress. 😀 Try it. Just keep it running in the background and ignore it. Your updates are very inspiring 👌

        1. Brilliant. looking forward to it. And dont worry about setting, with your awesome workout, no one will be looking at background.

  3. I tried to do the cup stack push up challenge. Tried is the keyword here. I can do 20 push ups now without stacking cups that is. Other than that I am up for no challenge. 1000 reps? Those 5 min plank variations look doable with breaks in between. Though I can’t do these challenges, I appreciate you sharing these different routines you try out, Raj. It’s very inspiring. 🙂

  4. You are so amazing, Rajlakshmi!! I love how you’re taking on motherhood alongside your fitness challenges and also working full-time from home!! Your videos are simply wow!!
    Girl, you inspire and how!!!

  5. Wow! Those are some interesting challenges. I’m always amazed by the way you manage to do them all and make them look so easy. When it comes to fitness I can walk as long as I want, but any other exercise and I struggle. Hope I get better!

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