Life with a 16 month old toddler

Life with a 16 month old toddler :

life with a 16 month old toddler development

I woke up at 3 am today, from a nightmare where I was being wrapped by a python and unable to breathe. Only to find my 16 month old toddler comfortably sleeping right across my neck. Slowly, as I moved him into a different position, he laughed in his sleep. Ahh this little boy, melts me in his sleep too.

Waking up at odd hours is pretty normal now. Like many new moms, I too can count on my fingers the number times I slept through the night in the past year. It’s 2. Just 2. Somedays a backrub is sufficing to put him down to sleep, on others we have to do the whole charade of feeding, massaging and playing songs.

He claps a lot more now. Mostly with my face between his hands. 😀 He loves being outside, loves the sun and his stroller. Loves to take his stroller on a walk too. Sometimes he would barge into my office with a bright sunny smile, and run to me to give a warm hug. We play our little games and sing songs, well, feels like I am always singing songs with him like we are in a Disney movie. And if he sees me trying out a Shuffle dance step, he would jump in and go all kathak on his feet. He loves playing with blocks and stacks them together, sometimes according to color. I didn’t even teach him that. This boy is growing up so fast.

16 month old toddler development
Every evening while I cook dinner, he goes through the kitchen drawers – looking for goodies. 🙂

We also took him to the beach for the first time last month. I was too cold to even go near the shore, but the little one was absolutely fascinated. And not only he loved being in the water, he kept going back to catch a wave. He rolled on the sand, digging his hands deeper into it. I was completely unprepared for such mischief. You can imagine my state as I ran after him, trying to keep the sand and stones away from his mouth. Hopefully, we will get more opportunities to take him to the beach in the summer.

toddler playing with sand at beach

Being a mom means that at least once every hour I wonder if I am making my baby stupid. I know I know, we shouldn’t compare, kids grow and achieve milestones at different ages. I have read enough posts on BabyCenter to not to go into that black hole. But then I see pictures of toddlers reading a book, while I am still taking out pieces of book-covers from my little ones’ mouth. 😛 It makes me wonder if I missed anything in my teaching. My friends keep telling me that this is going to be a lifelong battle. Haha Very reassuring!

Each month I notice a couple of new developments in him. He doesn’t respond to mama dada yet but if he hears Cocomelon, he would rush to the living room, jump on the sofa, his eyes would be glued to the TV; patiently waiting for us to play a nursery rhyme. I feel like he reacts more to Baby shark than Mama.

Never thought that I will have to compete with a blue-colored fish. 😛

Holding baby black and white photography

Life in the times of Coronavirus

My husband is feeling a lot better than before, although a little weak from the treatment. His body is still adjusting to the new medication. The cost of the medicine surprised both of us – approx AUD 4000 per month. But these medications are subsidized for the citizens by the government so we don’t really have to pay much. The Australian healthcare system has left me extremely impressed.

Even though the state we live in is fairing well in terms of coronavirus pandemic (1 case in the last 24 hours), when compared to VIC or other countries, we venture outside only to buy groceries or for medical appointments.

I am glad I am able to consistently practice Yoga and do other workouts. Do check out my Instagram account @rajlakshmihb where I post videos of my yoga practice.

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11 thoughts on “Life with a 16 month old toddler

  1. It was a lovely read, Raj. Brought back so much memories of my own little girl. We would have so much to share for the next few years, right? Their growing up is really amazing us! One day we wonder what have we done and the other we are extremely proud to have given birth to such sweet tots! I used to worry about the milestones too!

    I have reduced my screen time especially Instagram and Pinterest, so I am feeling less overwhelmed about their growing up! I used to feel the same as you before! At 3, my daughter prefers to dance and sing while most sit and color so well. Even though I try my best not to compare, I do it once in a while. It is like letting out my thoughts to the universe and then convincing myself that every child is different.

    I remember the cocomelon times! Wait till you get to the book reading bit! You will be reading it to little D for 100 times a day! You’d sometimes be glad that he was better when he was biting the ends! 🙂 Anyway, we always feel that the previous day is always better. We have a lot of challenges for the next 15 years! Though it looks like a task, I am sure we enjoy the journey every bit!!

    More to share with you! <3

    My wishes to your hubby to recover soon! I am happy to hear about the medical system in Australia! My cousin is in the rural healthcare administration there. We have great respect for the work he does! He is always in awe about the system there!

  2. Oh how lovely to read how much you are enjoying your little one Raji- it sounds like a story that I am reading through. Please stay like this on this front- you are not making him stupid; far from it. You seem to have let him grow free and unhindered- no smothering at all. His day to day activities sounds like so much fun- I could imagine him in my head while reading this- Muaaaah!! A big wet one right on top of his head!!

    Glad to hear your hubby is recovering well and that you make time for yourself in between all of this. I love and am so awed by your yoga practice- try as much as I want to, I havent been able to make one for myself yet!!!!

    Stay strong and blessed XOXO

  3. It’s good to know your husband is doing better, Rajlakshmi. And I’m so happy to know about the healthcare system out there. Here in India, it’s a dream while we scramble to take additional insurance outside of our office provided health insurance. But anyway. Strength to you and him.

    And I loved reading about your baby. About waking up to your baby’s hand around your neck, this will go on till he starts sleeping on his own. M is 4+ and still she keeps kicking me and pushing my throat with her hands. Every night I request her to not touch me for one night at least! It has become hilarious now but you know what the corny thing is? I can’t sleep with this kicking munchkin. Kids, I tell you!

    It’s so good that your kid loved the beach. M was scared of the beach and the waves when we first took her when she was a year old. Now, she wants nothing more than to go to a beach or a swimming pool.

    As cliched as it sounds, they do make it worthwhile but let me also tell you which nobody else told me, it is going to be tough, some days more than the other, balancing all that we do. We won’t have time at a stretch to concentrate on only one thing and it might frustrate us as it should. But hang in there and write about it:)

  4. You are such a strong woman! I’m sure it isn’t easy managing D and the husband’s health but you are doing so well. Do take time out to appreciate yourself once in a while.

    Wishing you guys good health and love!

  5. I pray for your hubby’s speedy recovery. Can understand what you are going through. Even though my kid is 8 year old, am also almost in a similar boat on controlling his energies and keeping him occupied positively. Enjoy the parenting journey!!

  6. I love the picture of the little guy in the kitchen drawer. I know it must be difficult trying to manage so many fronts, but I’m sure his giggles and laughter make it all worth while. Stay blessed.

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