When time ceases to exist | Poetry

Yet another day melts into the night
as I watch the sky split into two
looking for the other half of moon
the one that still remembers summer
and Daisies blushing in the wind
when we wore sunlight on our shoulders
and hearts were filled with
frivolous dreams

how long has it been
since the autumn carried
the stillness at summer’s end
was it today? yesterday?
or a lifetime ago

is this how it feels
when time ceases to exist?

It’s June!! Can you believe it? Half a year is almost gone. Has the lockdown made you lose track of time?

I stepped outside yesterday, after almost a month, to find the trees in fiery colors of autumn. We strolled along the lakeside and watched the sun go behind the mountains. It felt good. Felt normal.

autumn trees reflection on blue lake

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10 thoughts on “When time ceases to exist | Poetry

  1. What a soothing poem! Love the imagery, Raj!
    Oh yes, 2020 is going on about as everything is normal. It’s just us, humans, who is struggling to understand what’s going on.

  2. The feeling arising from losing the summer is a sad one. The autumn hues can be a bit soothing for the eyes but the impending winter is a depressing thought. Half of the 2020 has passed and so much has happened around the world other than Covid19. God knows what he has further in store for us.

  3. It still feels like 2020 just started. Was hoping things would get better by now. Loved the poetry. ❤

  4. Yeah its half year past and we are stuck in a slow motion life; thanks to the pandemic. I loved the picture and its awesome that you got to view something like this at your end Raji.

    Love the lines – when we wore sunshine on our shoulders – reminds me of warmth of sunshine on my bare shoulders 🙂

  5. Loved the poem! How I crave for the outdoors! I have barely stepped out of the house. March and April seemed to go on forever. But May seemed to go quite fast. Can’t believe almost half of 2020 is already over. Just hope things get better soon! Stay safe!

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