How many Quarantine Activities have you done

My phone is filled with pictures of Dalgona Coffee, yoga poses, home gardens, and innumerable food photos. And these don’t even belong to me but to my family and friends who are trying to survive the lockdown period. I don’t mind these quarantine trends and challenges. It’s not an easy time for the world and these mild indulgences can actually be good for us.

My sister, who is currently involved in building a Coronavirus testing center, has flooded our family group with every single fancy dish that she could come up with. While my brother, who is currently in Syria as a part of the UN force, shared his lockdown stock – which mostly consisted of Coffee and chocolate. When will this boy grow up!! My parents have been sharing pictures of the produce from the vegetable garden and gorgeous flowers that have bloomed this season. I am extremely proud of my friends who have seriously started a fitness routine and share their progress pictures with me on WhatsApp.

I myself recently took up #1000RepsChallenge and completed 2 rounds of it All you need to do is a bunch of exercises 1000 times. After the first attempt, I had to wait for a few days until I found my limbs again. 😛

I got to see a lot of my friends on Facebook try their hands at drawing and I am pretty impressed by the result. My lockdown art is a Zentangle pattern that I drew over a period of several nights – Floral Zentangle Inspired Pattern

zentangle inspired artwork

I also get to utilize the evening travel time to do full-body workouts and practice yoga. Sometimes, during lunch breaks, I try to get some sun in this cold weather. That’s the only time I get to see daylight during work-days.

girl doing side planks

Talking about work, we have been playing a lot of games on Zoom call on Friday evenings. I hosted a game that I customized for my team – derived from Pictionary and Drawful, where I gave super weird and funny prompts like Death by donuts, Dead Rabbit queue, Stinky Diaper, Dinosaur wearing a tie etc. It was hilarious to watch my colleague draw these prompts and even more funny was to listen to others trying to figure out the prompt.

Can’t talk about the lockdown without talking about food? Not a day passes by when my social media feed doesn’t show homemade bread or cake or samosa. Once I had to scroll past pages of samosas and pani-puris while my tummy grumbled in hunger.

Since my mother-in-law is here, Aai and I often cook traditional Marathi dishes like Besan, Shengolya, Kaddu Bonda, Chivda, Thalipeeth, etc. My favorite is Kachori and Sabudana Vada. I am glad I am getting to explore so many varieties of food. Also, under her guidance, I am less likely to get involved in the kitchen disasters. 😛

My husband made the famous Dalgona coffee – the Korean drink that has taken TikTok and Instagram by storm. We didn’t beat the mix by hand but used an electric mixer to prepare the frothy mix of coffee, milk, and sugar. It did look pretty, but can’t say the same about the taste. 😛

Dalgona Coffee quarantine trends
Dalgona Coffee

He also built a deck on our front porch along with his Dad. I am actually surprised that he pulled it off. Both of them had spent many weeks doing calculations and watching youtube tutorials to finalize the measurements and the machines they would need to get the work done.

building deck at home

The next challenge that I am planning to take up is the Pyramid challenge by Kayla Itsines. It is going to be a killer no doubt. 😀

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17 thoughts on “How many Quarantine Activities have you done

  1. Ah! I’m super curious about the games, must be loads of fun! The looks super cool – well done to both the men! I love Maharashtrian food because the dishes don’t usually have a super long list of ingredients. Have you tried Missal yet?

  2. Highly impressed by you taking up 1000 challenge and the deck work by the men of the house! Being a Marathi mulagi myself, mere mention of shengole, thalipith and other Marathi varities made me hungry.

  3. The zentangle pattern is beautiful. After my failed attempts with cardio work out, I have started doing yoga during this lockdown. I wonder how long it took for you to do perfect handstands and other poses I can only dream about 😛

  4. We tried Dolgona coffee at home. It was not my cuppa. 🙂 I wanted to bake bread, but didn’t get to it yet. No other quarantine special going here other than having all the boys at home and I, going crazy.
    You are something special, Raj. Doing all these extracurricular activities while working from home with a baby – typing out that took some time, you know! 😀

  5. I don’t know about giving in to quarantine trends. But I have been trying my hand at baking and cooking more often than I have done in the past one year or so. (if that counts)
    The DH has been baking bread at home.

    I’m not following any fitness trends either but have been regular with my morning yoga and meditation and that really helps.

    That apart yes, I did give in to the Dalgon coffee trend but that’s something we grew up making. Pheti hui coffee. So yes, it was a great reminder to go back to it again.

    I also did a great energy workshop which was quite an eye-opener and I continue to follow through the tips.

    I’ve also been gardening some.

    I wish to do some art too. Hopefully in the coming days.

    Your husband and Dad have done such a fabulous job with the deck.

    And yours MIL’s Marathi cooking looks delicious.

    I’m in awe with your Yoga skills.

    More power to you!

  6. Wow, your husband making a porch that too so neatly. It is truly remarkable. Actually, this is the most productive work I have come across else I am bored of all recipe photos to be frank.

  7. I am constantly in awe of your fitness – especially when it comes to core strength! I forgot about the pyramid challenge but I have the 1000 rep to do every week in May. I haven’t done anything else out of the ordinary in this period. I cook my regular stuff, I haven’t baked, I haven’t made any special coffees, I haven’t learnt anything new.

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