Purikura – Japanese style photo booth

Last weekend I caught up with my gal pals in the Sydney CBD. Apart from eating, chatting and exchanging gifts, we always take pictures in Japanese style photo booths called Purikura.

If you are wondering what in the world is Purikura, here’s a quick guide to use them. Purikura is a Japanese style photo booth popular among a younger population where you can take pictures and add stickers to them.

To start the process, select a photo booth and put coins in the slot (usually costs AUD $13). The screen will prompt you to select a design template for your photos. You can either select a different design for each of the 6 photos or pick a pre-designed template. After that, step inside the booth and follow the instructions on the screen. They are pretty simple to follow but often goes quite quickly. You will get only a few seconds to pose. The booth can easily fit 4 people. It has a camera in the front and a green screen on the back. There’s also space to place your luggage and bags.

Once all the pictures are taken, walk outside where you will find a machine with a touchscreen and a stylus. The filter applied to the photos will depend on the photo-booth you selected. You can add as many stickers, texts, and other bling-bling designs as you wish.

Touchscreen to add stickers to photos

Once you have completed your designs, press “End”. It takes a few minutes for the photos to be printed which can be picked from the slot.

These are great to be added to journals and scrapbooks

I downloaded a digital copy of the pictures from their app called Puripix. Check out some of our pictures. Doesn’t it look like we belong to Korean Drama? 😛

In Sydney, you can take these photos at Purikura Photoland inside Capitol Square Building in Haymarket.

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  1. Long ago, when living in Holland, there were a simple version of these photobooths (without the stickers and background) always a lot of fun! The photos came out super cute:) Am happy you are getting back into the swing of your social life and sharing it with All Seasons! Have a terrific week!

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