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Hello there. I hope you all are doing well. We just got over a 3-day heatwave in Sydney. The temperature soared to 45-degree Celcius, which made both the baby and me very very unpleasant. Today, I woke up to the melodious sound of rain pattering against the windowpane. Such a relief!! The baby slept well, so I took out my white Sakura Roly jelly pens and drew this artwork with a white pen. 🙂 It took me half an hour to finish it so it’s not as good as I would have liked it to be. But I am glad I was able to draw something after a long gap.

butterfly white pen artwork

Sharing with you some more white pen artworks I had done in the last few months. I bought the art supplies (black artbook and white gel pens) on eBay.

Floral Illustration
Mixed some floral and zentangle patterns in this white pen artwork

I have got so many ideas running through my head, hopefully, I will find time to put them on paper before they disappear. 🙂

Let me know what you think about my artworks.

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22 thoughts on “5 White Pen Artworks | Floral Illustrations | Art ideas

  1. Gosh your artwork is so pretty and beguiling that I have just ordered my set of pens and paper to start this ASAP – love the jellyfish one the best Raji and then the butterfly. Your creativity is just so eye pleasing and happy to see pursue it so passionately.

  2. Absolutely mesmerizing, Rajlakshmi! I’ve just started exploring the art of drawing on black paper with my white Sakura Gel pens and I think they are simply magical. Love each and every one of your pieces here!! They are so gorgeous!!!

  3. I love black and white colour combination. The white pen art looks absolutely beautiful. You are super talented and have patience to work so beautifully. Great work Raj xx

  4. These are works are so beautiful, especially the jelly fish one. You need a lot of patience and creative juices for such work and you have them in abundance. Glad you got some respite from the hot weather.

  5. Art is something that heals every emotion. I loved your illustrations and would love to see more on page. I would love to pursue Art sometime in life later.

  6. These are stunning, Raj! I can’t decide which one I like the most! Some of them look like lace….I guess that’s the effect on the white on black. Just gorgeous!

  7. The jelly fish is the best! Actually, they all are superb, Raj! DO you draw them directly? I find it tough to imagine drawing on black paper without any pencil markings. 😛

    1. Uptil now I have drawn directly as the pencil outlines aren’t visible. I also have black pens with me to cover up if something goes wrong. Thank you so much 😀

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