When my husband gave me a haircut

What’s the craziest thing you did lately? Me – I let my husband give me a haircut.

I usually adore my hair, but often have mixed feelings when the weather gets hot and they become absolutely untameable. I hadn’t had a good haircut after pregnancy and they started getting into all the odd places. Doing yoga becomes not-so-peaceful when you have to keep pulling them out from armpits or struggle to find a proper spot to tie the bun while doing headstands.

Long hair
Winter last year

So instead of doing it myself or letting someone professional do it, I turned to my husband. Why? Well, let’s just say the crazy pregnancy hormones are still in my bloodstream. 🙂

As you might remember that I do cut my hair at home by following Youtube tutorials – read How to cut your own hair at home. And also cut my husband’s hair – read Nakhrebaaz other half. But this time I was just too tired and sleep-deprived to do it myself. As you might have already read about bushfires and massive heatwaves in Australia. Maintaining long hair really becomes a chore. I can’t leave them open because of heat, plus the baby has already pulled out enough to break my heart. So it was time to snip off a few inches to make them manageable.

My husband is very much aware of my histrionics when it comes to a haircut. One minute I would be going mad over how sticky they feel, and others I would be sitting on bathroom floor bawling over the chopped pieces. So this time he made me promise him that I will not make him go through my nautanki.

I watched him snip here and there and tried hard not to look at the fallen comrades. He said he was giving me a U-cut or so. I am not really sure. But since I have long hair, I can get away with it. 😛 5 inches chopped away. I do feel the pinch, but this length is much more easy to maintain now. And I don’t have to keep them tied all the time. 🙂

Fortunately, my hair grows fast. Must be my genes or could be the regular oil-massaging I do. So in a few months’ time, I would be back trying to figure out who gets to cut my hair again. 🙂

I would say given his zero skills, he did a good job of not destroying my hair. 🙂

long hair hairstyle - my husband gave me a haircut

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my husband gave me a haircut

18 thoughts on “When my husband gave me a haircut

  1. My guy has been cutting my hair for me since we first met. I have him give me a trim every couple months to keep my ends neat and damaged/split ends under control. I think this is the best way rather than wait for my length to become too unmanageable and have him chop off a lot. I think every woman should have her guy cut her hair for her m but don’t wait and ask him to make a drastic change to your hair. Get practice with minimal trims with good hair shears and the proper tools.

  2. Well done to your Husband, he did a great job, who knows maybe he missed hi voacation in life? I have grat fun at the hairdressers, as the conversation is a mix of 3 languages, she is Portuguese, I am English and every so often we have to use a french word when we are stuck

  3. Looks great, Raj! Those YouTube tutorials are so good, aren’t they? I cut my own hair – not that I have much left, thanks to neglect and medication and what not, but I wouldn’t let anyone else touch it. I do cut my husband’s hair and think I’ve gotten decent at it. Well, you look just fabulous!

  4. WOW! You are a brave person to let your husband cut your hair. I wouldn’t let mine come near my hair with scissors lol. But I do have to say he did an amazing job! You have such beautiful and healthy looking hair.

  5. Wow! That’s a cool cut and your hair are so gorgeous. You are a brave soul (a) to cut your hair on your own (b) letting the husband cut it.
    I havent changed my stylist for years now, even though I have to go from one end of the city to the other for the hair cut. 😀

  6. You really have a patient and an indulgent hubby, Raj! Full marks for him for pampering you the way he does!
    You also had really long hair, so yes, this hair cut looks better. He has done a good job!

  7. Alright. It looks like he has found his calling Raji for the hair looks really good. Your tales are just too funny to read with a straight face and are perfect for when one needs a big laugh out loud 🙂

  8. Looks like your hubby has done a great job of cutting your hair, Raj! Such pretty lustrous hair is like a dream for me. Thinking of this, I have to admit I could never trust mine to give me a trim because I’m pretty certain it would end in a disaster. You look so pretty, Raj!

  9. You have such lovely hair, Raj. I can understand why you would be anxious about chopping it off. But looks like the hubby did a great job. You look fab, as usual.

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