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I live near a beautiful reserve, impressively maintained by the council. It has a huge playground for adults to play soccer or cricket, and smaller kids play area. During my pregnancy, I used to go there often for walking. And now we take the baby out on a stroll in the evenings. Most days, I get to capture some gorgeous sunsets but had to stop after the bushfires started 4 months ago. The air was too smoky and unhealthy. Now that the weather has cooled down a bit, I hope I get to carry on our ritual before winter sets in, as then it will get dark by 5 pm.

sunset photography
The magic of setting sun
sunset photography

What is it about sunset that touches the soul, makes you sigh and wish you could hold that moment of calmness forever. Sharing with you some sunset poems I wrote last year,

sunset and love poems

More Travel Poetry – I once met a broken sunset

sunset love poems
sunset poems

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12 thoughts on “Tangerine | Sunset Poems

  1. Beautifully written poems! And those sunsets – breathtaking! We credit the setting sun, but it’s the clouds and dust, the pollen and smoke, the droplets of ice and rain that make a sunset gorgeous. All the little impurities we complain about (rightfully!) helps to make that warm and colorful glow.

  2. Sorry for not replying earlier to your thumbnail for All Seasons – we had guests over, and after that I did not go on my blog. Thank you for linking! Also much thanks for your kind comment about my painting, actually the reason why I started blogging:) Have a beautiful week!

  3. I am new to your blog and I am glad I found you – thanks for your comment on my blog, which led me here, Your pictures and poems are inspired – thanks for sharing your talent with all of us!

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