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I used to write a whole bunch of shape poems during my early days of blogging. In fact, the first post of this blog was a poem, published in Sept 2008. I would experiment with different poetry forms, counting syllables and trying to find correct rhyming words. Presenting before you some of my old shape poems – free verses shaped in MS paint. 🙂

Shape poems are poems that take the shape of the subject you are writing about. For example – a pendulum or a swan (ugly duckling).

Wild Child

girl shape poem

Dancing Away

girl shape poem

Over The Horizon

shape poem

These girl shape poems were written in my mid-twenties, reflecting a time when I was trying to find my feet in a strange land, working and gaining life experiences. I would come back from work and spend the evening writing verses and shaping them on my laptop. They might not sound as mature as some of my current work but I still love the free-spirited silly me who wrote them.

These were also the years when I moved from one cardboard sized room to another, living out of a suitcase.

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Mellow dreams

girl shape poem

The Diva

girl shape poem

I have a poetry blog too, called The Poetry Wagon, but it is dormant now. I don’t have the heart to delete it, so I just let me be. It contains a good collection of different poetry types if you are interested. These days I mostly write free verses and publish them on Instagram first – paperandprose.

Do you read some of your old works and wonder how time has flown by? Do they transport you to that time?

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14 thoughts on “5 Shape Poems | Creative Writing

  1. A form that is fun to read, when the words and the shape are intrinsically linked. Not one I attempt to write, often, but it seems a natural form for you, as it fits so nicely with your art.

  2. This is brilliant, Raj! I had no idea about Shape Poetry. How refreshing is this concept?! I especially loved the dancing girl, the words actually are dancing with emotion! Please don’t stop writing these. They are gems-really!

    1. thank you so much. I wish I had more to invest in writing them. I do miss the joy of shaping them

  3. Whoa this is incredible stuff Raji. What labor of love this is. I would love to be able to write like this and that too in shapes!!!!! Absolutely awesome stuff

  4. First things first, Raj-How did you wrap the text into the shapes? Like Shinjini, I too am amazed at your skills of not just writing the poems but with each taking a unique shape as well. You are so creative, Rajlakshmi… I’m discovering so many different facets of you every day!!

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