From the delivery room

I thought of writing another fun post on my childbirth story. In no way do I intend to cause second-hand pain. 🙂 Even though pregnancy and birth is a common occurrence, as someone who was delivering a baby for the first time, I knew so little about it. It’s like I saw a whole new world through a red-tinted glass in that delivery room. There are so many things no one tells you about childbirth. Here’s part II of the funny side of life from the delivery room.

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Water breaking is so hyped in TV Dramas and movies. All through my pregnancy, I had been waiting for that show-stopping moment of water breaking and everything going into a frenzy. But my body is more boring than my mind. The water didn’t break on its own, no matter how many squats I did or how much red raspberry leaf tea I drank. Since I was induced a day before the due date, mine was broken manually – by inserting a straw-like stick thingy. Yes, stick-like things to break the bubble. Downright unglamorous! 😛

When the OBGYN tells you that the pelvic examinations are going to be a “little” uncomfortable, they are lying! A little uncomfortable is when a dentist is filling your teeth or when you have to run on a hot day. Pelvic Examinations are things made in hell. There are fingers in your cervix that are pinching stuff around. And I had to go through one every 4 hours after I was induced.

I had three options available to ease the pain from contractions – Nitrous Oxide (gas), Morphine and Epidural. Guess what, I took all of them. The gas had no effect on me, neither did Morphine. As for epidural, I couldn’t see what the anesthesiologist was doing at the back but I could hear my husband wince when she stuck the humongous needle into my spine. Thankfully, I didn’t see it but the mention of the needle still makes my husband shudder.

Anyone coming out of the delivery room is a braveheart. I sometimes feel my husband was more traumatized by the whole birthing experience than me. He couldn’t even talk about it for the next three months. All that blood, the shiny forceps, the screaming – must have left some deep scars in his mind. And he is someone who made me watch 5 of the SAW movie series one after another. I, of course, like a good wife laugh at his face every time someone asks him about it. Sweet Revenge huh!

If there’s one thing I am no longer afraid of, it is Episiotomy. The word doesn’t send tremors through my body anymore. If you don’t know what it means then let me tell you – it is the world’s shortest horror story.

It’s been 10 months since I gave birth and frankly, the first 6 months are a blur. I don’t even remember if I slept or not. The dark circles have reached my jaw, but I can safely say that my heart is full. 🙂

Holding baby black and white photography
My heart is full

As a 4.5 kg baby, I was vacuumed out. My brother went way past the due date. I can now understand why my mother never lets me and my siblings forget about our birth.

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6 thoughts on “From the delivery room

  1. Ouch! I was squirming in my seat as I read what you went through in the delivery room, Raj.
    And although I don’t have a baby to prove it, I know it’s all worth it!

  2. Hahahaha! I cannot imagine what it’s like for daddies – I do know, as a mother, that I’d rather suffer the torments of hell than watch my kids endure pain, so I imagine it’s bad. Epidurals – I’ve had several, and I’m needlephobic. I still cringe at the thought. Episiotomies – they mean not being able to sit for a few weeks, right? My parents were in the delivery room for my first, and my mom made a gesture like an upside-down question mark. That… said it all, right there. (Both of my kids were almost 10 lbs. – 9 lbs., 11 ozs, and 9 lbs., 13 ozs.) It’s all worth it, though, isn’t it?

    1. It was reading about the incision done in Episiotomy that had initially scared me. But later I realized the pain afterwards is much worse. It’s a good thing I didn’t get to see the epidural needle. I would have run away 😅 2 10 lbs babies! You brave brave woman. Yes, it is totally worth it. This little bundle has brought so much joy in our lives. 😀

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