Life happens, but love remains

Let me just get straight to it. This is the most beautiful love story I read today, on Valentine’s day. A guest post by my lovely friend Pooja, who shared it on our WhatsApp group for creativity. Enjoy!

Until 10.30 last night, I was sick of seeing all the pink pannacotta, red velvet cupcakes and discounts on roses. Why do we have to overdo everything? I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m almost nauseous when I see so much of every occasion.

I fell in love, enjoyed the rush of first love. The mad passion just to be with each other, the heartache when you’re not. The rebellion to be with each other, for a happily ever after.

Then, life happens.

The life – which is what happens after ‘The End’ shows up on the screen – happens.

Career, EMIs, kids, family and the whole bunch happens.

The face that made your heart swoon – every single time – you sit back and think if you even look at it as often. The marathon texts become bill reminders. The long, silent cuddles become a quick morning hug.

One fine day, the movie you loved so much, the one that made you dream of that one big love for yourself, feels silly. And pointless.

You wonder what changed along this way, making you feel old. Like damned old for even wanting love.


While on a drive, your favorite song plays. You’re in the backseat and he looks at you in the mirror. Something makes you look at the mirror, at that exact moment.

That moment you know. You know that your ONE BIG LOVE STORY is still rolling.

You just grow up. Your love grows up.

Someone said – when you’re young, love is what makes your heart race. As you grow, love is what calms your heart.

I know, I have the calmest heart there is.

And oh, Happy Valentine’s!

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13 thoughts on “Life happens, but love remains

  1. Like Debbie, I can attest to the truth of this. 🙂 Lovely story. My resting pulse is almost half of what it was, 30, 40 years ago. You know what that means? Love LASTS. If it had stayed over 120, I probably wouldn’t be here.

  2. You said it. Love becomes subtle and stronger. Every action, thought, gesture speaks of love. We just need to understand it. Loved reading it Rajlakshmi 💓 Beautiful quote at the end!

  3. Beautifully expressed! Enduring love goes through many changes. Having been married for over 4 decades, I can attest to this. 🙂 Valentine’s Day has never appealed to us. Love should be be celebrated year ’round and not according to the retail industry’s schedule.

    1. That’s so wonderful 😀 I loved reading about your story in your blog. Loved what you said in last line. 🙂

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