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pink purple sky australia
Pink Sky – Sydney, Australia
The photo was captured in November last year. The sky often turns into a deep shade of pink after rain in the evening.

For many weeks I have been trying to write a poem based on the picture. My baby often wakes up twice at night and then I find it hard to go back to sleep. I literally wrote this in those moments between waking and sleeping. Yup, I have turned into a 3 am poet. 😀 It’s funny sometimes, I would wake up in the morning and find a hundred ideas added in my notes app.

short poem on heartbreak

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22 thoughts on “Vanilla Sky | Poem | Writing

  1. I always marvel at your skill-sets, Raj. Poet, Yogi, Artist, Gardner, Lovely Mommy, Writer with a wicked sense of humour, IT Professional (did I get that right, eh?)

    Have always loved your poetry and this 3 am poetry is neat.

    More power to you, you versatile girl who wears so many hats with elan.
    Love ❤

  2. The pink sky is a beauty, Raj! SO lucky to be gifted with such majestic views.
    And the poem is beautiful, too! Loved it! Especially the way you have expressed the tumbling!

  3. Beautiful composition, Rajlakshmi! The pink sky looks so very surreal! I’m amazed how you can conjure poetry at that unearthly hour. You are absolutely great!!! 🙂

    P.S. Did you know we are back with the 2nd edition of our #ww blog hop this week? In case you’d like to link up with us. 🙂

    Best wishes,

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