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Traveling with the baby be like singing Itsy Bitsy Spider while sightseeing. 😀 That’s exactly what I am doing here when he got a bit cranky during our visit to the Parliament House in Canberra. Also, I had to prevent him from pulling the hair of pretty girls in elevators. Such attention seeker 🙂

Mother holding baby while traveling

This is one of my favorite photos from the hotel room, trying to get him to sleep. It perfectly captures what I do almost 5 times a day. Sometimes it takes 15 minutes, sometimes an hour. 🙂

Holding baby black and white photography

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32 thoughts on “My Precious | Wordless Wednesday

  1. I am telling you Raj, this lil guy is going to be one lady-killer, he is too adorable! I remember spending ages to put my son to sleep, only for him to wake up ten minutes later!

  2. So we have a hair puller here 🙂 How does mummy save her hair from the little master? The photos of the 2 of you are cute. If you get bored of the Itsy bitsy spider, consider switching to twinkle twinkle little star. It was my ‘go-to’ lori (lullaby).

  3. my mom use to tell me that i use to pull out the bindi from people’s forehead and eat it. i’ve been scolded about it even punished but till 5 years of age i still use to do that. babies are cute devils at times. i was laughing while reading your post & remembering the tales my mom narrated of our mischieves.

  4. These are really lovely captures, specially the black and white one. Oh, pulling hair is something kids enjoy thoroughly. My son would pull glasses and throw them down. He has broken/damaged quite a few spectacles as a kid!

  5. Hey if a cute baby pulled my hair while in the elevator I would play with them hehe I would say you can pull my hair all you want lol. I love babies though. I’m so glad you have pictures like these. A lot of moms don’t because they are the ones usually taking the pictures. I wish I had these precious ones of my kids. They are so beautiful.

  6. Hahaha…I can imagine! Babies LOVE grabbing hair and clothes and bags of those around them, especially when in enclosed spaces like the elevators. 😛
    Loved the black and white picture!

  7. Nothing like holding your baby close–the joy and peace is infinite. I love the second photo too. Ah, pulling hair of pretty girls – I think they enjoy pulling any hair they can grab in their tiny fists! I remember when Vidur was 6 months old, we took him out to the market and he accidentally burped on a girl’s hair. So hilarious. Then he just grabbed her hair. She was shocked and turned only to find this tiny human. Wonderful memories. I am glad you have so many photos to cherish, Raj!

    1. Awww there’s always something happening when we take little ones outside. Yes, holding him close brings me so much peace. Thank you for dropping by

  8. He’s such a cute-heart. Tugging at pretty girls hair is what my Mishki Moo also does. She is 9 months now.

    Itsy Bitsy Spider is

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