Queen of the night flower | Most expensive flower

Queen of the Night or Kadupul or Tan Hua or Dutchman’s pipe cactus (Epiphyllum oxypetalum) is the world’s most expensive flower, bearing no price tag at all and is said to be Priceless.

Queen of the Night rare night blooming flower - Tan hua
Queen of the night

Well, at least I got something in common with “Crazy Rich Asians”. Remember the flower viewing scene from the movie.

Thanks to the previous house owners, I have huge Dutchman’s Pipe Cactus growing in my garden. And as the summer rolled in, they have started blooming magnificently at night. These flowers bloom only and only once at night and unfortunately, wilt at the crack of dawn. The only way to see them in full bloom is to wait till midnight when they grow as big as the size of your palm, emanating a sweet fragrance that fills the night air.

tan hua flower

The flower bud grows on the side of the leaf. And it is possible to have many blooms on a single leaf.

tan hua flower bud
tan hua or kadupul flower
Queen of the night or kadupul flower - tan hua

Check out the before and after photos below. There are four flowers blooming on a single leaf. It makes you admire nature even more.

Queen of the night or Kadupul flower (before-after)

Queen of the night or kadupul flower before and after - tan hua
Queen of the night or kadupul flower blooming at night - tan hua
Queen of the night or Kadupul flower

I had a blooming party last night. My uncle, aunt, and cousins came over to admire these flowers over slices of delicious Pizza. Might I say Indianized Pizza? There was Manchurian, Paneer Tikka Masala, Chole Masala, Veg Toofani and my all-time favorite – Garlic Prawns.

Indian Pizza

Just another reason to celebrate.

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20 thoughts on “Queen of the night flower | Most expensive flower

  1. How lucky to have such a stunning flower blooming in your backyard, Raj! The flowers are so pretty and they look very delicate, as you rightly mention they are. Nature is so magicalโ€ฆI never knew about these flowers all this while. Well, I hope life always gives you more opportunities to celebrate these precious moments with the loved ones. A blooming party, truly it was!!

  2. These flowers look absolutely beautiful. I have heard great things about Crazy Rich Asians. I am adding it to watch-wishlist for Christmas or may be before that. Now your Pizza party sounds really good. I absolutely LOVE Manchurian and this manchurian pizza as well as paneer tikka masala pizza looks delish!!

  3. I havenโ€™t read the book or seen the movie. But now I think will. I have seen these flowers in a Malayalam movie a long time ago. Very interesting Pizza toppings and amazing photography. Fragrance of flowers and a pizza party. So much fun!

  4. Wow! Lucky you!! I have read Crazy Rich Asians and remember Ah Maโ€™s tan hua flowers and the blooming party. I couldnt picture them in my head at that time, but your post and pictures have given me a double Aha! moment! These flowers surely deserve a blooming party! The pizzas look great with the Indian twist.

  5. I first thought those Indianised Pizzas were an ad ๐Ÿ˜€

    The flower looks so pretty! Nature is amazing indeed.

  6. Besotted by this flower. Want one of my own too. And a Blooming party sounds so much fun. I can visualise mi familia or my nature loving friends having one. :))

    Lovely linkup indeed Raj. Thank you so much. โค

  7. Wow, your previous owner left you a great gift! I knew from the Dutchmansโ€™s pipe (since I am Dutch am proud itโ€™s named after my country:):)) I have only seen in the Botanical Huntington Library Garden in Pasadena where we regularly went when living in Los Angeles. The queen of the Night is a stunning bloom!
    It seems after the pizza became known, every country has their own version:) What do you have on it: things like curry?
    Before I forget, many thanks for sharing these rare and beautiful flowers with All Seasons! Have a lovely rest of the week:)

    1. Yes, I read about it somewhere and thought why not.๐Ÿ˜€ A great excuse to get together and enjoy food too.

  8. These are just gorgeous and you have captured them all so so well. I remember that scene from the movie and had immediately thought of you when I had watched it as you had mentioned this flower on your blog once before too. You are indeed lucky to have it flowering in your backyard. Wonder the why of Mother nature to make this bloom so!!!

    1. Thank you. I feel so happy to watch it bloom. How quickly it changes in a gap of few hours. Nature and it’s mysterious ways.

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