Musings under a dystopian sun

I woke up to yet another smoke-filled morning. For over a month, Australia has been battling one of the worst cases of bushfires this year. As of yesterday, around 110 bushfires were blazing through the state of New South Wales, Australia. Although our brave firefighters have been doing a brilliant job in containing the fire and protecting homes, the Australian weather and year-long drought-like conditions due to climate changes are aggravating the fire and spreading it across the state. Charred leaves from the fire are landing in gardens a hundred km away from the source.

Here’s a dystopian-like sunset that fills our sky most evenings.

smoky sunset in sydney after bushfire

Below you can see how the smoke travels across the sky, turning the bright blue sky into a murky blanket of smoke that hangs heavy in the air. We get pretty strong winds too, so on some days, the smoke clears by the evening.

smoky sunset in sydney after bushfire

We went out to buy some groceries last weekend and came back with massive headaches. It could be heat or bad air quality. Even though it didn’t look as hazy as other days, you can smell smoke in the air. Since I am on maternity leave, I keep my baby shut indoors. But my husband has to still go to work in smoke-filled city.

Level 2 water restrictions have been placed in Sydney and the surrounding suburbs, which means anyone found using a hose to water the garden or cleaning cars will be heavily fined. In some areas like Dubbo, level 4 water restrictions are already in place (water can only be used for domestic purposes and in the garden only on marked days). We have been very stingy with our water usage in the garden. Don’t think my tomato plants are going to survive the weather but I am happy that even in these bad conditions we got to see a beautiful bunch of Queen of the Night flowers bloom.

Talking about plants, I have been building an indoor garden for the past few months, mostly by propagating existing plants. I will be writing a separate post on that once I finish composing all the before and after pictures. In the meantime, check this beautifully patterned Begonia “Otto Forester” leaf that had fallen off the main plant and I tried to propagate it in water. I can’t believe it actually grew roots. It is now growing in a container.

begonia otto forester leaf propagation

I never had much luck in growing herbs, but that doesn’t stop me from trying. This time I am trying to grow basil and lemongrass. Hoping against hope that they will survive.

herb garden at home

I love having guests in my house. Chatting and laughing over food (mostly my experiments from Youtube videos). Look at these pretty cream-filled croissants that a friend of mine brought for me when she came to visit. Have to give points to the baker for creativity.

instagram worthy pretty chocolate croissant

The macaroons were just as delicious.

instagram worthy pretty croissant

Talking about food, I love vegetarian sausages, but they are not easily found so when we spotted them at Aldi, I immediately bought a packet. The sausages are made of wheat, barley, and oats. This hot dog was my brunch and was so yummm!

vegetarian hot dog from Aldi

Before I end this post, here’s a picture of a naughty elf who keeps disconnecting our wi-fi.

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37 thoughts on “Musings under a dystopian sun

  1. Tell me about it. I work in the CBD and found it really difficult to manage walking even short distances, glad it’s getting better. I’ve had an on-off luck with herbs too, but my mint, coriander and oregano seem to be going strong. Waiting to get basil leaves next. Good luck 🙂

    1. Oh no. It must be terrible. Hopefully things are better now. My basil looks alive now, no luck with anything else. Good luck to you too.

  2. Thew news ans visuals of these bush fires are heart breaking. The poor animals trapped and dying in it is the worst thing. We battle with this smoke like atmosphere for 4 months of the year every year in Delhi NCR – so totally can empathize with your plight. Only thing is here its man made fires that do this while at your end its mother Nature. I hope things settle down quickly and yes a big shout out of thanks to the rescue workers. Wish India had such dedicated rescue management force too.

    Water rationing is so so wise and the need of the hour- happy to see it being implemented somewhere and that to without protests and angst. Good to see you coping well with it. You have grown as a gardener – loving the pics of the plants. Will wait for your post on that.

    Your baby is just adorable and that pic of him at the end of the post was just the thing what I needed to see.

    1. I too really admire that many people are considerate about water usage. We still have the restriction going on, but the rain in the past few days have helped. Although I doubt if it will be enough to replenish the dam.
      The disaster felt by bushfire will be felt for many many years. Hopefully we are able to save those that are in need. Thank you.

  3. Reading this I feel so terrible. We in California have been suffering bad wildfires, dystopian sun is a true description. Wishing you rain – lots of it and very soon. Well done with growing plants indoors. They do bring comfort.

    Take care and Happy Holidays!

  4. The devastation from the fires is so massive in Australia. When we were traveling in California they were bad, but nothing like you are experiencing. – Margy

  5. Australia’s fires are worse and worse, as ours in California are. I hope you can continue to stay safe. I know, from others (my boss’s daughter is one of those impacted by California fires of the last few years and she ended up leaving the state because of her now three year old) how bad the air quality can be. Your wifi disrupter is so sweet looking.

  6. It breaks my heart the scenario there. I hope it gets better soon.

    The croissants look so delightful that I’m feeling hungry here! I’m yet to start growing herbs, I get pretty good sunlight in my balconies and I’m waiting to give it a try.

    Your lil bub steals the show in every post of yours, you know that? ❤

  7. I’m sorry to hear about the bushfires. It must be really bad for people to cope with the haze and the smoke. Good that you are keeping the little one indoors! Stay safe and I hope and pray it clears up soon. Climate change is getting scarier by the day. Also good to know about your experiments with indoor planting. Would love to know more on it, so do share a post when time permits.
    P.S. That croissant is simply too pretty. Must be yummy too! But the little elf definitely looks yummier! Much love and hugs to you and the little one! 🙂 ❤

    1. Our governments really need to take climate change seriously. I will be writing a post on indoor gardening soon. Thank you so much for reading and stopping by

  8. That last picture make me wish all would be well with the world. It also brings home the point that at least for the sake of our children we need to take climate change seriously.
    Smoke filled surroundings are terrible to imagine. I hope the fire can be contained soon.
    Your gardening experiments make me want to plant things too. I’ve never tried herbs but having lemon grass or even a kadhi patta plant at home would make my life so much easier. Unfortunately we get very little sun in our balcony so that might prove a little bit of a downer.

    1. It does make me worry about the kind of world we will be leaving behind for our children. Thank you so much. I am trying different types of plants these days. Some live. Some die. Hopefully I will have more success with herbs 😊

  9. Sad that the bushfires are still burning and disrupting life. Hope they are contained soon.
    Love the varied interests you have, Raj. Looking forward to see and read your garden stories.
    The croissants look yummy and creative 😀
    Aww! Love the expression of the little elf… he wasnt expecting to be caught while in the act.

  10. The smoke from these fires is so harmful for everyone specially babies and pregnant women. Good that you’re keeping your child indoors. I hope the fire stops soon. Sorry to know about the water ban..Hope everything gets back to normal again. Those croissants look so good. Your child is very adorable. Bless him.

  11. Oh wow! I can’t believe this is still going on! It’s been a long time these fires have been burning. That is horrible about the water ban 😞 but I can see why there is one. Here’s to hoping it stops soon!

    1. Yes, it went on for 3 months. So much land destroyed and animals died. The weather is getting better now. Thank you.

  12. Oh, I recognize these skies. Sorry, it no fun. Have a similar story about this last fall in California. Many fires were burning, and this year as soon as the weather forecast gave “high winds” they put off the electricity of a day or more. One time it was even 4 days. it prevents more fire from breaking out, and I would imagine some people have sued the electric dept. Surprisingly, they were not as strict with water this year. Hope you are doing okay, and love the capture of your baby. He looks investigative! Many thanks for keeping All Seasons in the loop, and happy you are having a diversion with having guests:):)

    1. The California fires were so scary as well. Oh my 4 days without electricity is tough. But safety comes first. Thank you. We are doing well now that the weather has cooled down.

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