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White sandy beaches and turquoise water, along with great options for seafood lovers, the idyllic town of Batemans Bay is located on the southern coast of New South Wales, Australia. The drive from Sydney takes around 4 hours if the traffic doesn’t delay your journey. I visited the place for a second time in the first week of October this year. But this visit was special as it was our baby’s first long road trip. Usually, I would have a plan ready when traveling to distant places. But this time we simply went with the flow. A walk along the riverside, a casual visit to the historic Mogo Village and watching the sunset over the Clyde Bridge. In short, here’s a bunch of things to do in Batemans Bay.

Walk along the Riverside

things to do in Batemans Bay Australia - riverside
a mother walking with baby in pram near riverside

Surf Beach

things to do in Batemans Bay Australia - surf beach
Wish I knew Surfing!
a stream near surf beach batemans bay
I found this lovely stream near Surf beach while I was looking for a way to go to the beach.
things to do in Batemans Bay Australia - a stream near surf beach


Remember my post on how I searched for a spot to watch – Sunset. Here are a few more pictures from the day.

girl walking to the beach
A spot near Clyde River bridge to watch sunset
things to do in Batemans Bay Australia - sunset
sunset photography australia
things to do in Batemans bay - sunset at clyde river bridge
sunset over clyde river bridge batemans bay
Clyde River Bridge, batemans bay

Corrigan Beach

Callagan beac, batemans bay australia
things to do in batemans bay - Corrigan beach

Observation Point Lookout

things to do in Batemans bay -  Observation Point Lookout

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56 thoughts on “Things To Do in Batemans Bay, Australia | Travel Photo

  1. I love your photos! I actually spent 3 months between Australia and New Zealand in 2000. I spent 2 weeks in Brisbane and another week at Avalon Beach which is about 40kms north of Sydney. It was so beautiful and quiet there.

  2. I’m so glad you’re doing these trips with the baby in tow and capturing lovely sunset shots, that are equally beautiful and dramatic! This is actually a great age to take them travelling. Once they start walking, it does get a bit of a challenge. But, you have plenty of travels to do before that stage arrives. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing such wondrous pics and also for joining our linky party this week, Rajlakshmi. Have a blessed weekend.

    1. Oh I can already see myself running after him. We are stuck indoors these days due to fire. By the time we start traveling again this fellow might start walking 😅 Glad you liked the photos. Thank you.

  3. When I was here yesterday, reading your post about your baby, totally forgot to respond to this beautiful spot on earth on the globe you shared with All Seasons! Happy you found some time, and hope that will get more easy with time! Many thanks and have a great week!

  4. When I was here, I totally forgot (distracted by your writing about your baby) to thank you for your post for All Seasons! Happy you could find some time to link a beautiful spot on the globe, and have a fun week!

  5. What a picturesque location ❤ I am sure the baby enjoyed his first long drive 🙂
    Slow travel can be fantastic. You just go with the flow, matching your pace and soaking in much more, noticing things much more, feeling the vibes of the place et all

    Lovely captures Raj!

  6. My my. What a beautiful place this is. I really want to visit Australia now. Your photos are stunning as usual and I am amazed. Your photos just deliver the beauty of nature just the way it is and it is very pleasant to our eyes.

    P.S : I would love to detangle your chains 😂 after all, that’s the kind of thing I love. 😂😂

    1. I am so glad you liked the photos. Australia is an amazing country. All the natural resources so well preserved.

  7. Your photographs are just mesmerizing- hoe do you get skies like that? I wish I could get some of this in my pics. We are struggling with major air pollution in my part of the world since past 1 month and these pics have not only been like a sight for sore eyes but the sore heart too. Thank you for sharing such loveliness!!! 🙂

    1. Oh the sunsets leave me surprised too. And I have to keep pinching myself to realise it’s real. But these days too much smoke has covered the sky due to bush fire. It’s just as bad as what you had there. 😢

  8. Wow the sky in these pictures the sunset and lookout ones were just stunning! I am a sunset lover for sure. There’s just something about the colors the clouds and the peace that comes along with it. Beautiful pictures!

  9. Such amazing postcard worthy pictures. Such a peaceful place this one looks like. I have never been to Australia yet. Must plan something next year.

  10. Ok so these photos make me want to pack up and go on a vacation asap. Im always looking for new and interesting places to explore and this looks like a wonderful place to visit especially as I type from 40 degree weather here in NC. Great captures!

  11. Such glorious pictures, Raj! The blue and golden hues are mesmerising. I am sure your little one must have enjoyed this walk. 🙂
    True, with kids in tow, you need to go with the flow. No amount of planning works as you don’t know when Junior will get bored and want to snuggle up in his crib. <3

    1. You said it. No planning works with the baby. We just go wherever he is not fussy or hot. 😅 Thank you Shilpa

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