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Bringing you a bunch of sunsets captured from my backyard. I wish I had a better vantage point though. The neighboring houses do hide a lot of drama. My baby is growing and his sleep cycles have changed. Sometimes when he is not sleeping in the evening, I bring him along to our deck to enjoy the sunset. Hopefully, he will share my love for the sky when he grows up.

What can be better than a rainbow during sunset!!! On one end there’s this lovely double rainbow, on the other, the sky is bursting in orange hues.

Sometimes, if you wait long enough you can see the sky change dramatically. Can you believe that all three pictures were taken just a few minutes apart from each other?

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9 thoughts on “Tangerine Sunsets | Photo blog

  1. I love your tangerine sunsets, Raj. Remind me of my pink sky from last evening. How blessed are we to be able to witness this spectacular blessing from the skies.

    The double rainbow is the icing on the cake.

    I’m sure your little man will love sunsets and sunrises like you. 🙂

  2. The skies are stunning and how wonderful that you captured all the moods as it changed! I’m sure your baby will be a nature and sky lover!

  3. Beautiful sky views. I have no doubt that your son is going to like sunsets (and sunrises) and I can say this because how can he not when he will be raised on a constant diet of sunset (and sunrise) watching from early on 🙂

  4. Gorgeous sky captures, these are, Rajlakshmi! I loved the title of your post—Tangerine Sunsets! It is amazing to watch vibrant skies which keep changing so fast. It happens here too, so i kind of know how quickly you have to click before the colours have merged into one another and disappeared. So happy to see you clicking pictures and doing a multitude of things with such a tiny baby to care for! I know how tough that can be. But you are one determined woman and i truly admire you for it.
    Happy Wednesday and a super week ahead.

    Much love and hugs

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