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Enchroma Color Blind Glasses

My husband suffers from Deuteranomaly, red-green color blindness, which makes him unable to differentiate yellows, reds, oranges, browns, and greens. What he sees is like a faded version of our world. So yesterday, he finally got his hands on the EnChroma color blind glasses, and since then, he hasn’t stopped exclaiming on how red are the cushions in our living room. Or how orange my leggings are! He is seriously questioning my fashion sense 😛

It is wonderful to see him laughing with child-like amazement. We watched a lot of Bollywood songs after and he just couldn’t stop gushing over Deepika Padukone’s Yellow Kurta and SRK’s blue jacket. I did try the glasses on but to me, it felt like I was looking through sunglasses. Seems like the saturation level in his eyes got amped up. Isn’t it amazing how technology has come to the rescue?

EnChroma color blind glasses

This reminds me of our shopping trips years ago. I would ask his opinion on a lovely pastel t-shirt and he would be like, “Ye kiya color hai“. And then would proceed to pick the most yellowish or blood-red tee instead. 😛

Vegetable Garden

I find it really hard to grow vegetables during winter, but my Mom managed to grow a whole bunch of garlic, mustard, kidney beans, fenugreek, and chickpeas. Overachiever, I tell you. 😛 Below are tender Kidney Beans from my garden that she later cooked with potatoes. A delicious dry sabji of my liking. Frankly, I didn’t even know what Rajma beans actually looked like until she opened a dried pod and showed me.

Kidney Beans

Before leaving for India, she sowed a new batch of mustard and kidney beans. The seeds have started sprouting and hopefully, I will have a healthy crop soon. With the water restrictions placed in Sydney, I can’t use a sprinkler and have to water them manually once a day.


These vegetables grew easily in our backyard, without any fertilizer. All they needed was proper watering.

Chickpea plant

Now that spring has arrived, I can start the preparation to grow Tomato, Capsicum, and Chilli.

Baby’s Day Out

“Aaj kuch toofani karte hai”.
Takes the baby out of the house. 😛

I am so grateful that the little one enjoys being outside. It gives both of us an opportunity to get some fresh air. We have taken him to nearby parks a couple of times. Till now he doesn’t make any fuss and loves looking at the world around him.

While he tries to figure out what kind of creatures Australian Wood Ducks are, I get to enjoy some beautiful sunset colors.

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28 thoughts on “When he finally saw the color red | Photo blog

  1. Wow!! How amazing is technology these days. So glad that your husband’s can see our bright and colorful world better now.
    I havent seen a rajma plant. So wonderful that you have grown so many plants in your kitchen garden.

  2. Oh gosh! Raj, your hubby must have had real tough time not being able to enjoy the colours of the world! I am glad technology came to his rescue.

    Your veggie garden reminds me I have to plant a few things…basic stuff, really. Curry leaves, tulsi (my old one wilted), maybe green chillies, too, and mint. Let’s see how well I work at it. Veg gardening needs a lot of patience and hard work, na? Your mum must have taken such pains to get all of this growing so well!

    Good for your little bubba, enjoying the world around him. 🙂 Just imagining him looking at everything with wide eyes makes me smile!

    Lots of love to him! ❤

    1. oh you mentioned everything that I need to grow as well. My mint and chilli died when we were moving. Yes, my husband is enjoying a whole new world. Thank you so much.

  3. Don’t kill me for saying this but you and your family should start your own reality show! 😛

    You guys are so talented and do so much and hello on the entertainment quotient!

  4. Ah what a thing to live with. I am so happy to hear his world is colorful again. Your kitchen garden looks amazing and I am so envious of it. I have been pretty lazy and listless about starting it again at my end. maybe now I should take this as an inspiration and get going 🙂

  5. Your husband must be ao happy. I remember my cousin brother-in-law’s son getting detected with the inability to see red and green. It used to be really difficult initially. Will pass on the details to them. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wow. That is really good for sagar. Now be prepared for the house to be more colorful from his side 😉

    your mom is too good ..planting all these.

    Love your post as always

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