Peacock Paper Quilling Tutorial

I haven’t done paper quilling in a long time, but when I came across Nga Tran’s Peacock tutorial and saw how simple it was to create a beautiful quilling miniature, I thought of making one for myself. I made the tail a little differently, so I am also adding a paper quilling tutorial to make a peacock.

I used different colors of paper strips (which I had bought from Aliexpress a few years ago) and a quilling tool to make tight coils. The colorful coils are made by sticking the ends of different paper strips and coiling them at one go.

These are the different parts that were later stuck together to form the whole peacock.

Peacock Paper Quilling Tutorial
Peacock Quilling Tutorial

I was initially thinking of turning it into a fridge magnet, but it looks good alongside my books and fake plant 🙂

I was able to make this on one of the rare days when baby slept peacefully for longer hours. As he is growing and needs to be regularly entertained, I am not sure when I will be able to do more paper crafting. 🙂 It really felt good to create something new. I am working on a new Zentangle inspired artwork and hopefully will complete it in coming weeks. 🙂

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Peacock Paper Quilling Tutorial

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7 thoughts on “Peacock Paper Quilling Tutorial

  1. Wow Raj, how you still make time for doing so much is a mystery to me. Such lovely work. I am thinking about my quilling papers now. They’re lying around somewhere and I am thinking about them now. You are such a lovely DIY girl – inspiring and makes it look easy.

  2. How prettily that peacock sits besides your books and plant, Raj! So beautiful!!

    I’ve had a go at quilling a few years back to help my son with an art project. That was my first brush with quilling and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Having said that, I’ve not done much quilling after that. Your post just refreshed my memories from those days. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this and joining our linky party this week, Raj. Have a wonderful and creative week ahead.


  3. Woah, cool! Paper quilling was quite the rage a few years ago, seems to have diminished now. I tried out a flower bouquet, turned out quite well. But I don’t know how to use the quilling tool so it took me ages!

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