Diabolical | Haibun #WordsMatter

What’s a sunset without drama! A clamor of memories amidst burning hues, a whiff of honeysuckle blooms and a walk down the scandalous path.The stillness of twilight often turns me into a poet, a sadist one though. Quite expected from someone broken by the pretext of love. “When it rains, let tears wash into the sewer” – words of a close friend in the pursuit of inner peace. Not everyone’s made for fluffy romance. The discontent at the sound of your laughter grew thick with the shadows. Tonight, the ghosts spoke to me.

red wine, sleight of hand
voices within dark spaces
a drop of cyanide

Sunset (Ponds, Australia)

Today, I am exploring Haibun – a prosimetric form which includes both prose and a haiku. The prose tells a story, which can be an anecdote, memoir or an observation, and the haiku carries forward the prose. You can read more about it at Contemporary Haibun Online or find inspiration from a passage by Issa’s haibun. or check out the guidelines to write a haibun


I received this tag from Tulika at Beat About the Book. It’s my pleasure to pass on this tag to Shubhra at NatkhatZ. There are 42 of us on this Blog Hop and it will be spread over 3 days – 6, 7, 8 September 2019. Do follow the #WordsMatter Blog Hop and prepare to be surprised! 

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37 thoughts on “Diabolical | Haibun #WordsMatter

  1. Haibun is one new thing that you introduced to me in such a powerful way Raj. Three plain stated lines packed a forceful dark blow to reader’s mind. Great job!

  2. Wow, babe!!! You are just superb here…esp the prose. “When it rains, the tears wash into the sewer!” I am awestruck at the word play here. And, Haibun is something totally new to me.

  3. Thank you for introducing me to Haibun, Rajlakshmi! The image and the poetry both add to the drama. Now that this form of poetry has piqued my interest I shall try to research it a bit more to understand it and see if I can find some creative expressions in this form. Not sure but if I feel really brave, I might even try it. Who knows?!

  4. That’s an interesting form of poetry you’ve introduced me to Yoga girl. Admire your energy to do all this researching inspite of being a new mom! Looking forward to more such creative work from you.

  5. What an interplay of wordy drama coupled with the drama in the pic – gorgeous Raj. I have never heard of this form of prose but loved the one you have posted here

  6. The Haibun is very interesting. I will try my hand at it but I know it won’t be as creative as yours. A few words can express so much drama and emotions. Wow.

  7. This Haibun sounds interesting. Although sounds like a dish to me 😛 or maybe its just the foodie in me talking!

  8. Thanks for introducing a new form of poetry/writing. Interesting and the picture is wow!
    Thanks for participating in the blog hop. Hope you had fun 🙂

  9. Haiku, a three-line poem with seventeen syllables, written in a 5/7/5 syllable count. This is what I got when I looked up for the meaning. Very interesting. The poem gives a deep meaning. #WordsMatter

  10. You do dig these lesser known forms of poetry, don’t you? And you did such a good job with it too. It took me a while to even figure it out. That Haiku was chilling.

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