Day trip to Blue Mountains, Sydney

We finally took the baby out, on a day trip to Blue Mountains. Yayy!! Believe me, it felt like an accomplishment. He turned 5 months a week ago. In addition, it’s Spring – the most beautiful time of the year when you can see some fascinating Australian shrubs in full bloom.

Day trip to Blue Mountains

We started for the mountains just before mid-day, after having brunch at our favorite restaurant. Since I am still nursing the baby, I made sure he was well-fed, else it would be impossible to calm him once we are on the motorway. I was scared that he would cry in the baby seat, but looks like he actually enjoys being out.

Check out these yellow Spring blooms along the road. I must applaud the idea of planting these between road dividers, they make such a pretty sight.

The drive to Katoomba is about an hour from my home. We luckily found a parking spot at Echo Point Lookout, one of the popular tourist places in the Blue Mountains. Although crowded, it’s a great spot to view the magnificent national park spread in front of you. Unlike many vantage points, this spot is wheelchair and stroller friendly.

You can view the valley from two levels. We rolled the stroller to a lower level as the top one was crowded and the lower level has nice shaded spots to sit and enjoy the view.

The Three Sisters Rock Formation

I felt rejuvenated as the mountain breeze brushed my face, after almost a year. And I think my baby loved the experience too, after being cooped up at home and only going out for doctor’s appointments. So glad that winter is over!

The temperature soared in the afternoon. We walked into a cafe nearby and devoured some ice cream, seated by the lookout that presented a different angle of the mountains.

Spring brings in the floral attack. Cherry Blossoms along the roadside, a wide range of Camellias, beautiful Waratahs and stunning Magnolia trees laden with pink blooms. Many homes in this region have Magnolia growing in their garden and it did leave me envious. How wonderful it would be to have this gorgeous tree blooming in your frontyard, if only for a few weeks in Spring.

From Katoomba, we drove to Wentworth Falls lake, which falls on the way back to Sydney. On a sunny day like this, the water looks incredibly blue, perfectly reflecting the blue skies. This is a quiet picnic spot with bbq facilities. You can even go for Kayaking with your kids. The pavement along the lakeside is well maintained so you can easily take the stroller out and enjoy the view.

The journey back home was uneventful, although I did enjoy the view of the horizon bursting into orange flames at sunset.

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15 thoughts on “Day trip to Blue Mountains, Sydney

  1. This looks so peaceful and amazing. I would love to visit that one day 🤩 And thumbs up for the little one. He must have enjoyed it very much 😁

  2. Mom Life can be really busy and specially with a little kid, you hardly get any time. A day trip to mountains sound really cool. Good to know that your baby and you enjoyed the trip. This took me back to the times when my child was little and our first outing was a day trip to Virginia Waters, London. We really enjoyed the walk and the water springs.

  3. It’s so wonderful that the lil one enjoyed this road trip along with you. I am sure he must be mesmerized by the new and beautiful sights too. Gorgeous views and captures. The magnolias… wow… they should be truly in everyone’s gardens!!

  4. Lovely I didn’t realise all that was even there. Nice to see different parts of the world through your photos and descriptions. It inspires me to travel to different locations. Thanks for sharing I really enjoyed reading through that.

  5. Your pictures are stunning and I’m glad you’re beginning to step out again. It can be terribly frustrating if we let the thought of a baby hamper our outings. He’ll be enjoying the sights and sounds soon enough. Loved those cherry blossoms. They always fascinate me.

  6. Awe-inspiring precious memories. And so very treasured when they are with the little cherub in tow. He seems to lap the outdoors just like his Mommy. I’m sure he will have a panoramic eye too. 🙂

    Love and happy vibes, dear Raj. 🙂

  7. Lovely pictures Raj. And its a good thing you took the little one out. I strongly believe life should be amost the same before his arrival to after. It keeps us new parents sane and the little one learns to adapt from an early age as well.

  8. I’m so happy that you are not letting parenthood cramp your style. Babies love travelling too and the faster they get into your family routine the better it is for all of you. I can see your little fellow following your adventurous footsteps.

  9. Love the fact that junior had his first outing already. Gy was 10 months when we did our first road trip and she too loved the car seat!

    I hope he grows up to enjoy all the beautiful and gorgeous scenery you keep treating us to, through your pictures.

    1. he loved it. Didn’t make a fuss while traveling as well. Hopefully we will be able to get out more 😀 Thank you.

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