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Spring is undoubtedly the best time to be in Sydney. The harshness of the winter is gone and the weather is just right to be out in the sun even during midday. In addition, all the boring looking hibernating shrubs and bushes burst into surprising colors with fancy blooms. I was scrolling through #sydney pictures on Instagram when I came across a photo of Daisy display. Took me a few Google searches to find out that Wild Australian Paper Daisy display at Australian Botanic Garden are currently open for public view. So last weekend we decided to go on a mini road trip to the Australian Botanic Garden and enjoy the spring blooms.

After 3 continuous days of heavy downpour, I was a little concerned that it might have destroyed the Daisies. But we were in luck. We drove into the garden in the afternoon, on our way from Nan Tien Temple at Wollongong. The Daisy display is near the Visitor’s Information Center, in Connections Garden.

And there they were, rows of beautiful Daisies, blooming under a cloudy sky. The place wasn’t too crowded so we got ample opportunities to take pictures. My 5mo baby seemed to enjoy the colorful display as well. Although he was more keen on grabbing them and putting them in his mouth.

Daisy display at Australian Botanic Garden
Daisy display at Australian Botanic Garden
Paper Daisy display at Australian Botanic Garden

I was very disappointed when I came to know that a few parts of the display were destroyed by “Selfie” lovers. How could anyone be so irresponsible? The incident even made it to the newspaper. Currently, a fine of $500 will be slapped on anyone found destroying the flowers.

We didn’t get to explore any other areas of the garden, but I did manage to stop by and admire some of the beautiful spring blooms.

Check out this exotic flower – “Pimelea physodes” or “Qualup Bell”, native to Western Australia and very hard to grow. I had never seen this one before and was fascinated by this unique looking flower.

Another bed of beautiful flowers.

The garden boasts of rolling hills and a lovely picnic area by the lakeside. I will definitely be visiting the botanic garden again to explore other sections.

The garden can be accessed without any fee. It is FREE to the public. Car parking, restroom, visitor’s center, and a cafe are available in the garden.

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17 thoughts on “OMG! Stunning Daisy Display

  1. Definitely exotic! What a gorgeous landscape! It is lovely you took your little one around. And yes, it freaks me out that people will destroy this beauty for a stupid selfie. How wonderful to just be able to see all this! Nature’s gift. And you, my dear, are a beautiful flower ❤

  2. The Pimelea looks so beautiful and I love the exotic look of it. And all the other daisies, oh my, what a gorgeous view. It must have been an incredible walk.

  3. What a riot of colours and blooms!! Such amazing flowers and wow captures. This reminded me of our trip to The Rose Garden at Pinjore but it’s nowhere close to the grandeur and beauty of the blooms at the Australian Botanic Garden!

  4. What gorgeous pics Raj- I love your nature shots so much. You look stunning in the setting which on its own is just stupendously amazing!! I am salivating at the sight and wondering if I will ever get to walk in such beautiful surrounds

  5. Stunning! Every frame, every color. You indeed are blessed to be able to witness such sights!

    The closest I came to seeing such a beautiful collection of flowers was at Keukenhof in Amsterdam and at Miracle Garden in Dubai. But, this one is something else altogether.

  6. It’s like fairyland. It’s a pity when people carelessly mess with nature. There’s a place near Pune called the Kaas Valley which is termed the Valley of Flowers and is supposed to have a somewhat similar abundance of wild flowers. However it lasts for a just a few days and the one time we went there they were all gone.

    1. Thank you. I have seen pictures of Kaas Valley. It’s sad that callousness of tourists are destroying these beautiful lands.

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