Favorite Sci-Fi & Book Cover Reveal #YouBeneathYourSkin

Remembrance of Earth’s Past Trilogy

Often you come across books that change the way you read. They overwhelm you with such vivid imagination and creativity that it becomes almost impossible to escape its grasp, and you slowly immerse into this fantasy universe. “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” series did that to me a decade ago and now “Remembrance of Earth’s Past Trilogy” by Cixin Liu has completely blown me away.

I feel like I dedicated the whole of the first quarter of this year to this series. First by reading and then by thinking about it nonstop. This series is unputdownable. Even at odd hours in the dark, when I was feeding my baby, I couldn’t help but continue reading and wondering about this incredible universe that Cixin Liu had created.

Remembrance of Earth’s Past Trilogy has all the elements that can excite your imagination. Aliens, futuristic technology, human behavior, social-political impact, space travel – there are twists and turns that will boggle your mind. A lot of complex scientific facts too. This was the first time after finishing school I had to try remembering laws of physics and google scientific terms. I sometimes had to stop to fully understand the impact of certain events. But since I love everything about cosmos, I found it exciting.

Three Body Problem is actually a problem in physics. And as you read the first book you will realize its significance. I found the second book not as impressive as the first one, but it has a few major plots that set the scene for the third book. Out of the three, the last book – Death’s End, is my most favorite due to the shock factor that gripped my heart, and also because it has a love story – just as tragic and beautiful. I do not want to give anything away. From one sci-fi lover to another, you truly deserve to read this book without knowing much about the storyline and brace the impact.

Book Cover Reveal – You Beneath Your Skin by Damyanti Biswas

I came across Damyanti’s blog while participating in A to Z Challenge a few years ago. Her eloquent storytelling and the depth in characters made me a fan of her writing. Ever since I have been reading and following her works. Her short stories have been published in numerous journals and anthologies, both online and in print. She weaves stories that will leave an impression on your mind. So with great pleasure, I would like to reveal the cover for Damyanti Biswas‘s debut crime novel, You Beneath Your Skin to be published this September by Simon & Schuster, India.

The cover looks striking and will grab the attention even as a thumbnail. I loved the overlay of the title against the red background. The slight form of a woman gives the book a mysterious appeal and makes one wonder if the protagonist is a female.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster India
Title: You Beneath Your Skin
Genre: Literary Crime
Book pre-order link: Pre-order link

Lies. Ambition. Family.  

It’s a dark, smog-choked New Delhi winter. Indian American single mother Anjali Morgan juggles her job as a psychiatrist with caring for her autistic teenage son. She is in a long-standing affair with ambitious Police Commissioner Jatin Bhatt  – an irresistible attraction that could destroy both their lives.

Jatin’s home life is falling apart: his handsome and charming son is not all he appears to be, and his wife has too much on her plate to pay attention to either husband or son. But Jatin refuses to listen to anyone, not even the sister to whom he is deeply attached.

Across the city there is a crime spree: slum women found stuffed in trash bags,  faces and bodies disfigured by acid. And as events spiral out of control Anjali is horrifyingly at the center of it all.

In a sordid world of poverty, misogyny, and political corruption, Jatin must make some hard choices. But what he unearths is only the tip of the iceberg. Together with Anjali he must confront old wounds and uncover long-held secrets before it is too late.

I read the sample that Damyanti had shared with me and I cannot wait to find out how the story unfolds. Is Jatin’s son going to cause trouble? Will they catch the murderer? Are there going to be more crimes committed against women? Engaging and fast-paced, “You Beneath Your Skin” is in my TBR list.

Damyanti Biswas lives in Singapore, and works with Delhi’s underprivileged children as part of Project Why, a charity that promotes education and social enhancement in underprivileged communities. Her short stories have been published in magazines in the US, UK, and Asia, and she helps edit the Forge Literary Magazine. You can find her on her blog and twitter. 

Are you a fan of crime novels? Did the cover of You Beneath Your Skin pique your interest? I am definitely going to buy the ebook as soon as it is available outside India.

For “You Beneath Your Skin”, all proceeds to the author would be divided between Chhanv Foundation and Project WHY. To support the organizations, pre-order HERE.

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  1. I haven’t read a sci-fi book yet. Will remember your recommendations when I look for them in the future, Raj.
    I loved Damyanti’s novel and couldn’t stop reading once I started. I love reading and watching crime stories. Read the rest, I’m sure you will like it. 🙂

  2. I love watching sci-fi movies, and those about our space and a futuristic vision about our world are a fav. Reading such books hasn’t happened as yet. Maybe I will give it a try. 🙂
    Thanks, Raj!

    I was imagining you stealing a look at the book while feeding your little Bubba, and wondering how well you multi-task! 😛 LOL!

  3. I have to read a sci-fi book for my reading challenge. Thanks for strongly recommending of Remembrance of Earth’s Past. I am certainly picking this trilogy.
    Do read You Beneath Your Skin, it’s a fab crime story!! I read it in a day! 🙂

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