The Little Things

I woke up to a hot cup of milk next to my bedside today. This has been my morning drink for months now – milk mixed with a spoonful of powdered almond, walnut, and a hint of saffron. My husband prepares it for me before leaving for work.

I had never asked him to do that, and he doesn’t even drink milk unless it’s in coffee. But without fail, every day he would prepare one cup for me as I needed all that nutrition during pregnancy. This small gesture touches me every single time. The romantic in me go all awwwwiee πŸ˜‚. It really makes my mornings bright.

Maybe he got this characteristic from his mother, who is a vegetarian but cooks delicious Egg Curry and Chicken curry for the family, without flinching, with even tasting it.

Love, after all, is all about these little things, isn’t it?

Sharing some Cherry Blossom pictures because to me they symbolize love. Blame Korean drama for brainwashing me. πŸ˜‚Watched 5 in two months!

cherry blossoms australia

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15 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. Your husband is a sweetheart! (I am lucky, because so is mine.) You are absolutely right; pay attention to the little things, because it is these moments that make up so much of our lives if only we take the time to notice. And the photos of the cherry blossoms are gorgeous!

  2. What a heartwarming gesture! You know, my husband used to cook for me during both my pregnancies and he never cooked before that. He used to ask me how and what and did it all by himself, all Kerala food. Even when I couldn’t keep my food down due to nausea. Now, as we grow older together and get into fights, these memories surfaces and makes me all gooey. I believe pregnancies are a true testing time for both wife and husband.
    Absolutely in love with these cherry blossoms, Raj. ❀️

  3. Gosh! Those cherry blossoms are divine. Are they in Oz?

    And what a sweet little gesture that. Lap up all the love.
    Apologies for not having comment on your #WW posts from earlier. Been snowed with some home stuff.
    Have a great weekend, Raj.

  4. I have to say cherry blossoms happen only once a year but a caring husband like yours is a man for all seasons. I realise I haven’t congratulated you yet for becoming a mum. Since it is better late than never – Congratulations Rajlakshmi and welcome to the tribe of mums πŸ™‚

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