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5 centimeters per second – the rate at which I fell in love on the first day of Spring. Slowly. Irrevocably. I found you underneath the falling petals of Cherry Blossoms, trapping sunlight in your eyes. This is how I will always remember you – balayage highlights and a mole at the end of your smile, warming unknown corners in the space between my lungs. Amidst fluffy blooms that seemed too happy to be real and the noise of shutterbugs, an eternity elapsed as I caught fragments of your existence.

Will you remain only a memory in my Sakura infused psychedelic dreams?

Florescent snapshots,
spring – disfavored season of
unrequited love.

Haibun is prosimetric poetry combining prose and haiku – wiki

“5 centimeters per second” is inspired by the title of Manga I am currently reading where the author mentions that it is the speed at which a cherry blossom petal falls. This has a deeper meaning about life and relationships, and how distance can grow between people.

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12 thoughts on “5 centimeters per second | Haibun

  1. Absolutely lovely. Each sentence blends into the other so beautifully. I tried to find a favourite sentence but I couldn’t pick one as they are all equally good. I haven’t tried a Haibun but it is appealing.

  2. This was wonderful. Your words are like watercolors, and this was just a joy to read. I actually had to go back and read it a few times because of how flawlessly you incorporated the prompt. I look forward to reading more of your work.

  3. I like the phrase “trapping sunlight in your eyes.” I believe I know that feeling. The imagery of the cherry blossoms was lovely and a good match for the subject matter.

  4. You did well capturing a single moment in this haibun. The tone of the prose part is happy, almost manic, just like someone falling in love fast. Maybe push that forward more in revisions? And the haiku seems to tell about this love’s aftermath. I like how the form of the haiku made it feel curt. I loved “the mole at the end of your smile”.

  5. Thanks to the title, I thought this was a part of your birthing story 😀

    Boy, I was wrong or what! These cherry blossoms look so gorgeous and your words do more than enough justice to it.

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