10 Painting Ideas for Beginners

I started my maternity leave at 36 weeks pregnant, which gave me a good 4 weeks to indulge in all my hobbies before the arrival of the baby. I took out my art supplies and did a lot of watercolor and acrylic painting following tutorials on Instagram and YouTube.

I am a complete newbie at this. The funny thing is I only got a set of primary colors, so you can imagine my struggle every time I wanted a different shade. I was googling things like “how to create green from red color“. 😅

One important lesson I learned from reading articles on how to start painting is – do not wait for the perfect art material. Start with whatever is at hand and then slowly build from there. Although, I did buy basic acrylic and watercolor paper because the normal paper would shrink and colors might not look as you expect them too.

Here’s a bunch of painting ideas for you to get started. 😊

Zentangle inspired artwork
Watercolor on Zentangle Inspired artwork
Cactus Watercolor Painting
Watercolor – Took me a while to get different shades of green. 🙂
Watercolor – I absolutely loved the idea of house and a bunch of flowers. It is something I learned from Instagram.
Watercolor – I see Monstera leaf painting almost every time I look for ideas. So here’s one of mine.
Watercolor – Who doesn’t love a bit of cosmic love? I do tend to go overboard with it though.
Acrylic painting
Watercolor – This is inspired by a picture of a door I found on Pinterest.
Watercolor – Painted following a tutorial on Instagram
Acrylic – I have always wanted to paint hydrangea. It came out a bit too bold than I had intended.
Watercolor sunset.

Let me know which one you liked the most. I share all my artworks on Instagram – @paperandprose. Come say hello. 🙂

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painting ideas for beginners
painting ideas for beginners

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13 thoughts on “10 Painting Ideas for Beginners

  1. So lovely Raj!! I loved each one! Nothing like art to destress or get the creative juices flowing! You’ve done a fabulous job! I want to see them all framed and up on a wall, it would be a knockout feature!! Marvelous!

  2. You, beautiful talented soul! Loved all, cosmic one being my favourite!

    I recently did a canvas painting at a social painting session; might have picked up a brush after 20 years! What joy!

  3. So hard to have to choose. I’d say they’ve ALL come out very beautiful, Rajlakshmi! So inspiring to see you try your hand at different kinds of art. There is so much to learn from the youtube tutorials, no? After reading your post, and seeing these fab paintings, I really feel like getting my paints and brushes out now. Only concern is, since it’s been such a long time, that my confidence levels have dipped really low.

  4. I loved them all, Raj! Such beauty! I especially liked the Monstera leaf you painted, and I am going to draw it in Zentangle. Water colours and I haven’t been great together until now 😛 And, each time I decide I will make a fresh attempt, I take a step back in fear for I know I will spoil it.

  5. ‘Do not wait for perfect art materials.’ Well said! I started painting with this very thought. On a regular drawing sheet, with old brushes.

    Your artworks are beautiful. You are very talented. Keep painting. 🙂

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