Of Food Robot & Killer Sky!

Sometimes parents say the darndest thing. One fine evening I asked them if they would like some tea,
Dad: Ek Ghoont (one sip)
Mom: Do Ghoont (two sips)


So I brewed half a cup of black tea and offered it to them. “Take however many ghoonts you want.” 😛

There’s a raised ground in our backyard that I was planning to turn into a vegetable patch for long, but never got around to do anything about it. Only three weeks have passed since my parents’ arrival and there’s already Rajma (Kidney beans), along with seedlings of a whole bunch of coriander, mint, some kind of green leafy vegetable growing in this patch. It was a good idea to give my Mom her own space, else given her excitement and passion for gardening, she would have started growing garlic and onions right in my beautiful Peace Lily and succulent pots.

Rajma Seedlings


Sydney weather has been extremely moody off late. Just a few weeks back it deliberately tried to kill us – through a hailstorm causing massive damage to property and life. Fortunately, my suburb received the smaller sized ones, like these,

else the ones that fell on other suburbs were the size of golf balls (pictured below: source – 9News)

But the pelting was enough to cause 5 major holes in our sunroom. The strange thing about this hailstorm was that after the first pelting, it returned for a second time after a gap of about half an hour. Now every time it rains, we have a massive leak in the outdoor area. Sigh!!


On days when the sky is sober, it turns pink and throws in a rainbow too.

pink sky sydney


I am totally in love with my Food Robot – Rotimatic. You would have already seen me going gaga over it on Instagram. But this gadget has truly saved me hours of labor and frustration, mostly because I have zero Roti (flatbread) making skills. All you need to do is add water, oil and wheat flour in the containers, select the thickness and number of Rotis from the console and let Rotimatic do its magic. 🙂

Do you remember the time I tried to pass off frozen Rotis when in-laws were at my place? 😛 Well, now I am all prepared whenever they arrive. Last Sunday we prepared a big batch of 20 Puris for brunch.

food robot rotimatic

Imagine rolling 20 Puris manually!!

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It feels like I am printing Rotis (wheat flatbreads) Absolutely love my food robot 😅 The one invention that is saving me lots of effort and time every single day. I have been using @rotimatic for almost 6-7 months now. Just yesterday we made 20 of them for family brunch 😀 . Technology to the rescue 💁😅 . . You just have to fill the containers with oil, wheat flour and water at regular intervals and Rotimatic would do its magic 😁 . . . . #technology #home #rotimatic #food #techy #lifestyle #softwareengineer #techsolutions #electronics #machine #techgirls #techie #lifehacks #foodporn #video #gadgets #kitchen #appliances #Roti #wraps #instatech #mealprep #cooking #homeappliances #science #robot #robotics #futuristic #bots #epic

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23 thoughts on “Of Food Robot & Killer Sky!

  1. The hail looks shit scary – thank god you are not hurt by it! We had some hailstorms here in India as well and they were quite crazy enough to render an arid region into looking like a winterland

    The roti make has got to be the craziest thing I have seen – it must indeed be a huge bliss.

    As usual your writing is whacky and witty leaving me with bags of smiles 🙂

  2. I have a talent of making bucket full of chais…that’s what people who visit my place tell me! I wonder how your parents would react to that. 😉 Ek ghoont chai is hilarious! Those hailstones look scary. I’ve never seen a rainbow against a pink sky. What a beautiful click! And hey, that rotimatic sounds like a good investment. Your post has so much to talk about!

  3. Those hail stones are huge! 😮 Hopefully, that is not a normal occurance. Your pink sky is absolutely gorgeous and makes up for the terrible weather.

  4. Thank you for the laughs, Rajlakshmi, as I read your “ek-ghoont chai” episodes with the parents! I would have definitely bought that Rotimatic years back when I sucked at roti-making skills. Sorry to hear about the damage to property, Raji. The hail stones were definitely big. No wonder the big hole. Hope it gets fixed soon!

  5. I remember my aunt telling my grandmother she’ll have a little tea, and my grandmom saying ‘Get me a teaspoon!’ 😉
    Sorry about the sunroof, must be frustrating, even though I love hailstones!
    I’m in love with your Rotimatic. I’m off to Google it.

  6. I am so excited to start gardening this summer! love those rajma sprouts. Pink sky photos are amazing. It is so lovely to see the small snow balls, but I can understand the damage.

  7. Reading about your parents’ quirk sounded like a reversal of what happens between D and me. This year there have been hell of hailstorms in Delhi NCR which passed off as people going crazy calling the spread on the ground as snow. A mini version of the same thing happened at my place here and the Indians I know here showed the same craziness. Yet, I have never heard of hails breaking property. I would have envied you for that roti maker a decade ago when my roti making skills were zero. I can make roti now but still I would need your kind of robot for making puris. I just can’t roll them perfectly.

  8. The sky was awesome that day, wasn’t it? I didn’t get any pics and there was no rainbow here but it was magical! Had to laugh at your parents requesting a couple of sips of tea. The roti maker seems awesome! Hailstorms are really sucky these days…I do worry about my car but I’ve been lucky so far.

  9. Hahahaha….still giggling at your ‘ek ghoont chai…do ghoont chai”!! 😛

    My, those hail stones remind me of what I witnessed for the first time as a young girl, when I visited my aunt at Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. I was mesmerised watching these stones dropping from the sky. How badly they must hurt!!

    Loved the sky pics! 🙂

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