5 things that caught my eye recently

1. Sometimes you find gems like this on the road 😂

2. My train terminated at a different station one evening. As I was looking for an alternate route,  the sky turned into this fabulous color of candy floss. No filter I promise. 😊

3. I have recently discovered the world of webtoons, a portal for webcomics where you can read comics/manga online. The episodes are updated every Sunday AEST.  Plus it’s free free free. I have installed the app on my phone and am absolutely in love with “My Dear Cold Blooded King”, by  an amazing artist who goes by the name Lifelight. It’s my favorite series so far, mostly because her artwork is absolutely fantastic! Let me warn you – it’s totally addictive.

4. Although I had been reading about Mug Cakes for long, given my disasterous history of baking, I didn’t dare to experiment with it.  But when you are on a strict diet and the cravings go out of control – it’s  time to take things under control.

I found the simplest sponge cake recipe online, but instead of flour used powdered Almond, Walnut and a dash of nutmeg. Mixed it with eggs, baking soda and sugar. In exactly 2.5 minutes,  my microwave mug cake was ready. This recipe is even faster than cooking Maggi. And it turned out incredibly good. I had it with yogurt and frozen berries. Although, my food photography is despicable  😂

5. I am so psyched about Poetry Journals these days. My poems are all over the place so when I came across accounts on Instagram with beautiful handwritten poetry journals,  I was excited because that’s something I could do too. Why didn’t I think of this before?!?

Do share in comments section if something caught your eye recently. 😊

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Skywatch friday

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34 thoughts on “5 things that caught my eye recently

  1. The first photo cracked me up. The second one saw me gasping in awe. I am such pathetic at baking that I couldn’t even bake a mug cake in the 3 times I tried. Your poetry journal looks fantastic like all other things you do perfectly and beautifully.

  2. The sky looks awesome! I love it when it does that. Also, the poetry journal is a fab idea! You’ve given me an idea now – I currently write it on a notebook in Evernote but also on Word documents and the occasional handwritten ones which then get transferred to the computer. Oh and webcomics are great – I don’t follow manga but there are a lot of other ones I do!

  3. Wow wow wow wow wow! The boobies thing just cracked me up! 😀

    That pink sky looks so beautiful and kudos on the mug cakes! I’ve been wanting to try them out for ages now, will do so soon.

  4. What an absolutely wonderful list! So glad you thought to photograph all of them, especially the first one. I normally laugh so much I forget to click a photo until the moment passes. 🙂 The poetry journal is incredible. I love your journal pages – which you post on instagram and keep telling myself I shouldn’t doodle and scribble all over the place and start one too. I am going to try the mug cake with the almond flour but without the egg (so maybe flax meal or yogurt instead or even mashed banana).

    Your post is delightful, Raj!

  5. I catch things like that all the time.
    That journal IS beautiful.
    I love leather bound ones.

    Thanks for sharing!


  6. That’s a sign you don’t see everyday. 😀 What a beautiful sunset! And kudos on the mug cake. I’m hopeless at baking, but would be willing to try it. Your journals look colourful and interesting. Thanks for sharing these!

  7. The first picture had me in splits. 🙂 I loved your mug cake too. Great way to have a dessert for sure. And nature photography is a passion with me as well. Loved all the 5 things you shared, Raj!

  8. I love how you always explore your creativity and enjoy yourself through these very different art forms! So happy to have you link up with us for this week’s #ww. I wonder how quick you’d have to be to grab a shot of that first picture. Beautiful mug-cakes although I’ve never tried them ever (might do sometime, coz they seem quite easy no?) but most of all love your candy-floss skies and the beautiful journal+poetry. I’d love to get back to art and poetry this year although I doubt if it will be anytime soon. You do inspire me to try, Raj. 🙂

    1. Yeah mug cakes are so incredibly easy. I am just not too creative in terms of baking, but Pinterest comes to the rescue 😊 thank you so much for your wonderful words 😊

  9. That first picture is hilarious. The world is full of strange sights and strange people.
    We’ve been in love with mug cakes for a long time. I like it that the kids can make it on their own – the only thing that needs cleaning up is the bits of spilt flour and that I’m okay with.

    1. Hahaha but atleast they won’t be starving. I wish I knew these recipes when I was young. Had to do with good old maggie 😀Thank you.

  10. Fancy seeing such a versatile post this morning. Thank you so much for the creative insights and the mug cake looks absolutely delectable. Photography does not have to be picture perfect each time, just in the moment I say. 🙂

    Always good to have you link up, Raj. ❤

  11. WOW for the sky pictures, and the cake, too! Your food photography isn’t bad at all, Raj!
    And, now that you ask, what are the things I noticed?..Ummm…yes, just a couple days ago, I noticed my pet parrot–Chikki–dancing! Standing on one leg, she held the other leg in front of her, like we hold our hand to gaze at our freshly painted nails. Then, she would coo and bend to one side and then again coo and bend on the other side, all the while gazing at her claws, as if admiring what beautiful claws she has!!! it was such a mesmerising scene, but just when I moved a bit to grab my phone to record a video, she turned around and walked away to the window! 😛 Guess, she became conscious.. 😀

    1. Hahaha that must be such a cute sight… I can imagine the joy and wonder at Chikki’s dancing talents. Maybe Chikki does need some nail polish 😀thank you for sharing this tale and making me smile.

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