I let it simmer, in the void pit between my lungs,
and yet, like crepuscular rays,
your words burst out,
singeing my bones,
and all the beautiful things
that hold me together.


Crepuscular sunset in Sydney

A sunset in Sydney


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24 thoughts on “Crepuscular

  1. Absolutely stunning display of light and colour in that sunset picture, Rajlakshmi. I love your poetry and the effortless way in which the words complement your thoughts. Thank you for teaching me a new word..Love the sound of it. Maybe I should make a post of the word because it sounds very intriguing and yet lovely.

  2. Your poetry is evocatively stunning, Raj.
    Thank you for introducing me to a lovely new word- Crepuscular.

    That is yet another wonderful shot from the talented you. 💜

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