Ikigai – Zentangle Inspired Typography

Presenting before you my latest Zentangle Inspired Typography for the word – Ikigai, with few progress pictures as well.

I have been reading a few articles on Ikigai lately, trying to understand the concept and how it can improve the quality of living. I found this wonderful article on medium – Ikigai The Japanese Secret to a long and happy life that explains Ikigai and how by following 10 simple steps, we can understand and follow our Ikigai.

Even though I have enough books in TBR list, I ended up buying some more as they were on sale. Hopefully, I will be able to clear out the list this year. That’s one major goal this year.

This is my first zentangle inspired typography of the year. I am looking for more short, beautiful and meaningful words to draw. If you have anything in mind, please do let me know. This time I drew some floral illustrations that come naturally to me, and along with that tried new zentangle patterns as well. I wanted to make a dense artwork with lots of details, but was kinda apprehensive that it might end up looking too cluttered. Tried to space them out as much as I could.

Check out the progress pictures. I don’t start from one end and finish on other. I randomly pick points and draw, so I am usually all over the place. It actually helps me to have a better idea of how the end product will look like.

Let me know what you think.


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The finished artwork!

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If you are interested in making similar artworks, here’s a post I wrote on:
How to make a Zentangle Inspired Artwork?

28 thoughts on “Ikigai – Zentangle Inspired Typography

  1. I love everything you make, Raj, and I loved this design too.
    Just a thought, though…..what if you give an outline to the letters so they stand out a bit? Or, maybe do some slight pencil shading in the border of the letters from inside?

    1. Thank you so much Shilpa… I like the idea of shading them 😊 I was actually thinking of coloring in red so that the letters have some more width and stand out. Appreciate your ideas 😀

    1. I will definitely try to give it a read. The concept is so beautiful and simple. Thank you for suggesting 😀

      1. And how about using Breathe, Hygge, Compassion, Abundance, Joy, Free?
        Hygge is a Danish concept. Check out the book too.

  2. These pictures are SO beautiful..You never cease to amaze me!

    Oh and I did not realize you had a tutorial post, will check that out, even though I am kind of a little intimidated to even try.

    P.S. While reading The Time Traveler’s Wife – keep a box of tissues handy, especially towards the end.

    1. Hahaha sure. I am actually looking forward to read it. Hopefully I will get over the sad part easily.
      Thank you so much 😀

    1. It truly is. As I read more about Ikigai I realized all the things I do are a part of it. Thank you so much 😊

  3. It’s beautiful. I get what you mean when you say you don’t begin from one end – adding to it randomly would give you better perspective. How long did this one take you?

  4. Such a beautiful word, such gorgeous art!

    I seriously need to take a deeper look at this Ikigai thing now. People have been going ga-ga over it and I haven’t even checked to see what it is. **hangs head in shame**

    1. Hahaha don’t worry I have only recently started reading about it, after hearing so much about the word. I thought I was the last person to do so 😀😂thank you so much

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