Guest Post: How Quilling Defined my Personality

Today I have a very talented blogger in this space, who make beautiful quilling crafts – be it frames, bookmarks or other designs. I have known Soundarya for over 8 years now and have always been impressed by her calm personality and her zeal to try new artworks. Over to Sound!


There was a time, way back in 2012, when I got this typical crisis of what was I doing with my life. Routine was set and completely monotonous – Get up in the morning, get ready for office, go to the office, work (complete the assigned tasks) and then come back home, have dinner, watch some series and sleep off. But then I would also always complain that I never had time for anything else.

During this time, Sukumar had started this small “Tiny Change” thought at Cognizant – Instead of expecting a drastic change, choose a small thing – like I will walk to pantry once in 2 hours to have water or I will do 10 pushups daily or I will read 15 pages of a book etc. The point was these tiny change, helps you to start that 1st step towards something that could become a habit. He has lots of success stories from this small change that he started.

This got me to thinking if I could do something. It was the time when Raji was an expert at trying different art forms. She started Origami and then Quilling. It seemed easy. So I started dedicating 15 to 30 mins daily night post-dinner before watching some shows that I used to watch. What started as mere attempts of earrings from paper ended up with me exploring this art form.

What Quilling also helped me was to define my personality.

  • I got to know lots of people post my updates on different social mediums who also did this art form.
  • It taught me that at any age, one can start learning something and have the joy of what they learn.
  • It got me small ideas to gift people – earrings, bookmarks, fridge magnets, wallpaper hangings and something customized. I did a series of customized gifts for the closest set of blogger group at that time to learn and understand how I can make them and gave it as gifts!
  • One of the most important qualities I refined in me was Patience. I have had patience but Quilling tested me and ensured I learned to be patient. For example, the latest Quilling I did – the number of circles(in the pic updated) I had to make was a monotonous work which also took almost a month. But I never had this urge to crib or complain. Each and every circle I made with simple joy! Once we learn the patience, then we can appreciate these small things when we are making something larger. And it’s true not just for Quilling but also for everything else in life!
  • Finally, Quilling now has become a habit I could easily make time for it in the evening. And as I keep exploring, I have uploaded in facebook page of what I have made.

Facebook Page:

Blogs: Dreamland

Check out some of her lovely handiwork 🙂




Sound also takes orders and make customized designs. Do drop her a message in her Facebook page if interested.

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17 thoughts on “Guest Post: How Quilling Defined my Personality

  1. Wow! That’s such an inspiring story and shows that with patience and perseverance you can achieve so much. All these quilling art is so creative, neat and sooooo beautiful. Love the name ones the most. Well done, Soundarya!!

  2. Trust you to have such talented friends! This woman is so blessed and I’m so glad she’s pursuing her passion so seriously.

    I love loveee loveeeee that name plate. So delicate it is 🙂

  3. Absolutely stunning and this is something I totally agree with: that just 5 to 10 minutes of a hobby or anything creative is enough to keep us creatively engaged and fulfilled.

    I can’t quill but my daughter can and I have seen the difference it has made to her concentration, focus and commitment. These are beautiful, Soundarya!

    Raj, thanks for hosting her. This was a total visual treat 🙂

  4. Those are stunning pieces, specially that nameplate. I loved the idea of taking small steps to de-stress and building it up into a habit. Oh and I agree any craft you take up teaches patience, quilling perhaps more so.

  5. Thanks Rajlakshmi for posting this. I knew about quilling and had even received some handmade gifts but never ever really seen something so fascinating. Soundarya has taken quilling to another level with her creative use of colour and quilled circles to make art work that is simply stunning. It must definitely have taught her patience to be so neat and careful with her compositions.

  6. Wow! That’s really amazing art, Soundarya. Loved all the pictures but the names one was something I hadn’t seen before. Unique and beautiful. Nice to meet you on Raji’s Blog today. Keep going. Your lessons are in inspiration.

  7. Beautiful creations, Soundarya! I particularly love the names you’ve framed. Never saw Quilling used in that manner.
    I also like the idea of making tiny changes in everyday life, my takeaway from this post. Thanks for sharing, Raj.

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