Fashion trends – Reason Why I have Nothing to Wear

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The recent trend of young girls wearing high waisted shorts that actually resemble a massive diaper has left me utterly confused.

Why would anyone do that“, I mused in front of my husband.

He looked at me, eyes brimming with the knowledge of a thousand wise saints and said, “It’s called Generation Gap my dear”.

That’s when the realization sank in; I have truly grown old. I no longer understand the fashion statement of the new generation.

Today, I can perfectly sympathize with my mom and her utter shock at the sight of my ripped jeans (Mom and Distressed Jeans). I didn’t even try to explain off-shoulder and cold-shoulder blouse.

Last summer when I went shopping for some nice denim shorts, I had to swift through numerous shorty shorts which resembled something that had been through a shredder. In that tiny piece of clothing, there were enough rips to make me tizzy. I finally gave in and just bought a pair that provided adequate coverage for my modesty.

Shopping for tops is even more distressing. My needs are pretty simple – a nice little sleeve and a V-neckline. Surrounded by a hoard of flimsy materials and sleeveless blouses, my happiness knew no bounds when from afar I spotted a glimpse of something I would like. I picked it up, lo and behold – believe me it was just the neck and sleeve. I solve software problems every single day and yet I was utterly lost at figuring out the usage of this piece of clothing. Is it a fancy bib to be worn while devouring ribs? What is it even trying to cover?

That day I came back home and bought 3 tops through ASOS online store, out of which, later, 2 turned out to be too small. Sigh!!

I have always wanted to dress like Claire Underwood – powerful and sophisticated. But when you don’t have that kind of moolah and countless dresses available with various geometrical cutouts in odd places, finding the perfect workwear is a herculean task. I mean, if I am paying 200 bucks for a dress, the least they can do is to provide a sleeve and a midriff.

Two weeks back when our office reopened after Christmas Break, I was befuddled when the cheerful guy at the reception greeted me. His glorious crown of dark hair had turned completely white. Or Ash Or Platinum or Snow Hair, I don’t know what the fashion police calls it. Now, why would anyone pay to look like Betaal is beyond my comprehension!


28 thoughts on “Fashion trends – Reason Why I have Nothing to Wear

  1. This post just made my day! I used to love shopping for clothes, but now I hate it because I don’t like any of the new fashion trends, especially high-waited shorts and even the shorty shorts. (I don’t have the legs or confidence for those). I much prefer modest clothes that cover most of my legs and cleavage.

  2. Haha, love this post and it is so relate-able too! I also like the Vikram Betaal image you pulled out for comparison. i do not understand this new fashion game either! Those shorts are way too short and yes you can certainly call them cloth diapers. These look trashy in my honest opinion and modest clothes always look chic.

  3. Haha!! I can’t stop laughing! 😀 Well, I am like you, Raj. I cannot convince myself towear ripped jeans, off shoulders or cold shoulders. They are called that for a reason, I guess 😛

  4. Hahaha! I can relate to this post. I am pretty conservative in my dressing and I just cant understand these high waisted shorts and even maxi dresses for that matter. I think they are glorified nighties. I cant stand the latest shoulder cut sleeves too. May be there’s a generation gap!! Enjoyed reading this fun post!

    1. Maxi dresses… Hahahaha yeah true true 😅 it’s so hard to find a tee with proper sleeves these days. 😅

  5. So so true, and something that I have been musing a lot of late. It takes me ages to find a decent top online, the same story repeats itself in the stores too. Girls are flaunting their bums, bosoms, whatever with what panache, while I flinch everytime I see it. I consider myself a prude when it comes to clothing, but can you imagine seeing guys wearing jeans from which their undies is popping out or their bum cracks. Seriously, it’s not a pleasant sight. Fashion or no fashion, no one should have to witness this.

    1. Hahahaha 😅oh dear. I have looked away so many times on street because of this. I too sometimes feel like being a prude 😅🙈

  6. Well, I don’t know who Betaal is, but I have his hair and love it. No dye job required! Hahaha! As for you feeling “old”…My 64th birthday is in a few days. It’s all relative, dear Raj. 😀 Every generation has silly fashions that the previous one doesn’t get. Take heart though, because all the styles you like will eventually come back. Cheers!

    1. Wow 64th… Belated birthday wishes Debbie. You are one awesome lady I know through blogging.
      True a lot of older styles have come into fashion now. So someday my unfashionable tees with simple cuts would be a hit. 😀

  7. Hahaha! Generation gap it is!!
    You know what I find irritating? The hole on the shoulders of almost every dress I see, and the bell sleeves…fashion these days is weird, really. Wonder what the designers think when they design all those horrid looking clothes! And the cost of those pieces of cloths that we call “clothes”? Bababababa! 😛

    1. Hahahaha yeah they make me go bababababa too 😅 Oh I don’t like bell sleeves as well. There was a time when sleeves were made of those mosquito net kind of material and it used to remind me of alif laila. Never liked them.

  8. Hahaha generation gap it is. I was shocked with the low waist jeans which showed more than I was agreeable to. But with two teenagers at home, thankfully males, I keep seeing them try out a lot of things, and not to mention the hair.

    1. Boys and their hair! I have seen my bro being so obsessed with his. And my husband has grown his into a ponytail 😅🙈 It’s sometimes so funny to watch them groom and then flaunt in front of others 😅

  9. LOL! Another gem of a post!
    You’ll often find me with my mouth hanging open at the sight of people these days who, in my opinion, have forgotten to dress well.

    I never got ripped jeans even when I was younger. Each time i meet my inlaws side people i am asked why I am not wearing a bindi and flowers in my hair, even when I am wearing jeans.

    1. Oh dear flowers and jeans… But well in this age anything can be fashionable 😀 so glad you liked the post.

  10. First of all, let me admit if Rachna and Tulika are ancient and antique respectively, I would like to call myself a fossil. I still wear what I used to wear 8 – 10 years ago. Even in my 20s, I was an old person. I have no sense for what’s new or what’s fad. I do not understand ripped jeans, shredded shorts are a far cry for me. I would have liked to see that piece of clothing with just the sleeve and the neckline. That Betaal hair colour is an hilarious idea.

    1. Let me tell you, I too was an old soul in college. I mean I could just never fit in with the fashion or the ideas 😅 My friends still call be buddhi 😅

  11. Hahaha, I hear you sister! Shopping distresses me for the very reason these days. Sigh, I guess we are old after all. I love shorts and I have the same four pairs from years ago. Thankfully they still fit and I don’t have to deal with the hassles of shopping for them. The one with rips all over the place! I mean, how many rips can you have in less than a meter of fabric!

    Betaal, hahahahha :D. Don’t get me started on the hair color fad! I see people looking like peacocks everywhere here.

    1. Hahaha I have stopped buying jeans until they rip at embarrassing places 😅 just the whole ordeal to find the right pair is a little too much. Glad you enjoyed reading

  12. Ha ha ha.. you said it. But then I am absolutely antique. Seriously what is it with shredded shorts! I mean there’s hardly much to it to begin with and then they have to holes and tears. Truly weird!
    I was enamoured of the cold shoulder for a while but now I don’t quite like the idea of sudden whiffs of air from unexpected apertures. ‘Simple’ works best for me.
    Still laughing at the Betaal.

    1. Hahaha I haven’t even tried cold shoulder yet. I just can’t seem to figure it out yet. The fashion today is incomprehensible. 😀

  13. Haha! Raj, this is brilliant and so so relatable. As it is I don’t like shopping and over the last few years it has become even more stressful.

    And seriously why would anyone do that to themselves. You should show him a picture of Betaal 😉

    1. True, shopping which was once a stress relief now gets my BP even higher 😅 who would have thought Betaal would become a style icon 😅

  14. I was guffawing loudly while reading your post, Raj! If you are old, I an sure I am ancient. 😊 I truly cannot get the fashion sense of so many people. Older ladies wearing such tight clothes that everything is falling out. Kids with their atrocious hair and shorts. There is a teen girl here who wears shorts which are so short that her butt cheeks are visible. I mean what’s even the point of wearing it And then I find people who wear Western wear with bangles and bindi complete with oiled hair. Yuck! Maybe, my Bombay roots surface but most times I fail at understanding these fashions. That Betaal joke really rounded off this post well. Thanks for the giggles. 😊

    1. Hahaha oh I have seen so many like that here. The shorty shorts have baffled me for long. 😅 My parents would be in for a cultural shock when they visit 😅

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