12 New Things I Did in a year

Hello! I wish you all a very Happy New Year 😀

Last year, I dedicated my first post of the year to something I had never done or seen before – The Search for Bioluminescent Algae in Tasmania. So I thought why not list down a bunch of things that I did or saw for the first time in 2018. At least, it would keep me inspired to be more adventurous in the new year.

1) Korean Bathhouse

The petite masseuse couldn’t hide her amusement at my expression when she asked me to take my clothes off and lie on the table. That was my first time in a Korean Bathhouse. This women-only bathhouse in Chatswood has a separate hot and cold water spa, a sauna and a massage area where I got the best body massage ever. Would definitely visit it again.

2) Snow

I know a lot of you must be like “Snow … Meh”. But to me, it was such a surreal experience to finally feel something that I had only read or heard about. I made snow angels, igloos and got hit by snowballs (they hurt so bad). Tried walking uphill and got stuck in waist-deep snow. But I missed seeing a snowfall.

3) Driving in the Blue Mountains

Although we have visited the region numerous times, I could never muster courage to drive there myself. I am really scared of driving. But last year I finally took the plunge and drove down the beautiful meandering roads of Blue Mountains for the first time. I explored other mountainous surburbs as well, covering a distance of 200 to 300 km on each trip. If you know me,  you will understand what a big feat this is. 😅

4) Dutchman’s Pipe Cactus

I had heard of a flower that only blooms once at night. But never did I realize I would accidently come across it. My new house has a wonderful growth of this species, thanks to the previous owners. If I stay up late, I can see this rare flower reach its full bloom at midnight.

5) House

I grew up in a house with a lawn and a wonderful vegetable patch. I have memories of playing badminton and cricket in our garden. After moving to a metropolitan city,  I could never imagine owning a house. Apartment maybe,  but a house… never.

Last year we finally became house owners. Yayy! This has been our dream for a really long time.

6) Poplar Trees

I had seen how lonely and sad Poplar trees look during winter. So imagine my surprise when I came across this brilliant display of yellow Poplar trees. How Autumn makes everything look so dreamy! I walked down the road,  unable to believe my eyes. Have you seen anything like this before?

7) Made my first travel journal

I have been writing journals for a long time,  but never thought of going the extra step and make it look pretty. So after our Tassie trip, I set a goal to make a proper travel journal (with pictures,  brochures, stamps and artworks) something that I will look at with fondness.

8) Citizenship ceremony

Frankly,  this was one of those 5 years plan thingy. Absolutely delighted to receive the citizenship of Australia. 😀

9) Solved a 500 piece puzzle

I wanted to start with a 1000 piece puzzle,  but thankfully my husband stopped me from being overambitious because this one took 3 sleepless nights. I must be really bad, but hey,  I finished it.  I realized I was missing a piece at the very end. How frustrating! 🙈

10) Funky yoga pose

I don’t know what this pose is called but I was able to find a video tutorial on instagram and try it at home. I am baffled by how the Yogini made it look so effortless, because I was struggling hard to keep the balance. This was the first time I had tried this funky pose and managed to balance it, even if for a second.😀

11) Mandarin Picking

Went for my first fruit picking in a farm. It had started raining by the time our group was ushered into the Mandarin and Lemon farm. Carrying a big orange colored bag,  we walked along rows and rows of Mandarin trees,  trying to find the best looking fruit. 😅

12) Attended a wedding in a video Call

I have attended only a handful of weddings in my life. But to miss my own sister’s wedding! That’s unpardonable. But sometimes life comes in between your plans. I was emotional and dramatic, while my husband could only shake his head.

She looked like a princess and I am glad atleast I was able to see some of the ceremonies live. I didnot want to be left out and this was the only way I feel connected.

That’s about it. Bracing myself for all the new experiences and challenges that the new year has in store.

Have a fabulous first week of the year 😀

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17 thoughts on “12 New Things I Did in a year

  1. A big WOWWWW for each of the 12 things!
    Playing in the snow is a dream for me, too…wonder when that will come true. The poplar trees did look amazing..The body massage at the Korean bath house sounds tempting….esp after a hectic week/fortnight…Oh, and that Yoga pose!! I am stunned….what was it?????
    Congratulations to your sister and to you, as well! I can imagine how you must have felt missing this beautiful ceremony!

    Here’s wishing you the very best for 2019….Looking forward to reading about what all you do this year..
    Just go for it, girl!
    Love n hugs!

  2. Oh, I’m so sorry Raj! I am sure your sister understands. She looks fabulous in her wedding picture. Congrats on your new home ❤ Have a happy new year ❤

  3. As usual Awesom epics Raj. I love doing Jugsaw puzzles too and have attempted a 1000 piece one( wait it took me 6 months to complete it). There is another one lying around at home. Need to do it this year.

    I love those funky Yoga poses. Admire your flexibility 🙂

  4. Love that! It’s interesting because I was thinking of doing something similar this year – try something new each month {I thought weekly was pushing it a bit!}The Korean bathhouse sounds interesting. Yay on home ownership especially in Sydney! 😀 Hopefully, we will get to catch up this month

  5. Happy New Year Rajlakshmi.I am so thrilled to read your accomplished list of 2018. It always makes you feel great. Congratulations on your the ownership of your house and citizenship.

  6. Happy New Year to you and your husband, Raji. Must be wonderful to spend it in your new home. Many congratulations on the citizenship and commiserations on missing your sister’s wedding. I do remember reading your post in anticipation of your trip and wondered what had happened. May you continue to try out new things and wow us with your posts through the year! ♥

  7. Such an amazingly positive post this was! Such a brilliant year 2018 has been for you and I love how you have focused on the new 🙂

    The house looks splendid as does that travel journal! Lady, you have way too many talents up your sleeve!

    Wishing you many more new happy things this 2019!

  8. What a fantastic post Raj! And what a fantastically exciting year you’ve had! I haven’t seen snow so I completely get your thrill. Those poplar trees are magnificent as is that puzzle. I love jigsaws. Wonder why I never tried a big one like this. This goes on my TBD list – the To-be-done list. Too bad you couldn’t attend your sister’s wedding but I am looking forward to a post on it still and the crazy things that happened.
    I love your house. It’s a dream.
    Hope 2019 brings even more excitement your way.

  9. What a fulfilling year you had. Congratulations on getting citizenship and new house. Your house looks wonderful. Thank the technology for you were able to attend the wedding atleast virtually. Wish you achieve more in 2019. Loved this post.

  10. Hey Raj this is an amazing post especially so with all the firsts. I was chuckling at the Snow stories as thats one of my pet things to do too – I finally saw snowfall in 2017 and was sooooooo happy with that.

    Wishing you a very happy and wonderful 2019!!

  11. You know, your house looks like an exotic resort, and now you tell us that it has a rare flower blooming at midnight. Double wow!
    That Korean Massage sounds like something I need!
    Congratulations on the citizenship and completing that puzzle, both wonderful accomplishments!:)))
    Bummer that you missed your sister’s wedding, though I am sure you had a very valid reason to.
    Have an awesome 2019!

  12. Happy New year Rajlakshmi. You have got so many beautiful gifts this year and thanks to technology, you could also attend a long distance wedding.. I love the pict of your house. And the white flower called Brahma kamal here, used to be at my parents’ home. The fragrance is absolutely great. Enjoy the year 2019 too and many more.

  13. Happy New Year, Rajlakshmi. So happy to read your lovely post and get to know the wonderful things you achieved in 2018! That sounds like some absolutely amazing experiences to me. Congratulations on the citizenship. That must make things somewhat easier for you in your adopted country, right? I do understand how you feel missing your sister’s wedding. I missed my only brother’s wedding so totally understand what you feel like, but she sure looks gorgeous. I guess some things are to be taken in our stride. So glad you chose to focus on the lovely things that made you happy in 2018. May 2019 be even better and see you sale newer heights.

    P.S. You have to be a pro to do that yoga pose!! How the hell did you manage that?

  14. Congratulations on the house and the Australian citizenship. I dream of having a place with a garden someday. Looks like you had a very productive 2018 and I hope you have even better 2019.

    Happy New Year!!!

  15. I am so so so happy for you, Raj! What a very fulfilling 2018 and what a perfect idea for a post too 🙂

    Congratulations on the home ownership status and YAY on the citizenship thing! 🙂

    I am YET to see snow and I am still in two minds if I will ever enjoy it if I do see it. But so glad you got to experience it.

    Aww, it sucks that you missed the sister’s wedding. She looks absolutely radiant in the picture. God bless her and the groom. Am sure the video call made up for some of the sadness at missing it out. And hey, husbands don’t understand these things. I am totally with you 😉

    Wishes and love for a fabulous 2019!

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