Of moving and decorating a new home

Hello from the chaos that is currently my home. Last week has been extremely busy and tiring as we moved into our new home. Due to unavoidable circumstances, we had to make the move a little sooner than expected which led to us working like a machine. But finally, it’s all done and dusted. We have slowly started to make the new place a bit more like a home now.

I had never seen Queen of the Night before – a flower that blooms only at night once a year. So imagine my surprise when we first entered the house at around midnight and were greeted by a big bloom of Dutchman’s pipe Cactus. Even though I was starving, I totally forgot about the big pack of McD burgers that we had bought on the way. I was quite emotional at that moment, having left our first home to the new tenants and the tiredness of the whole day slowly crashing on me – somehow those flowers at night brought back relief and lessened the anxiety of the move.

Too bad they wilt in the morning.

dutchman's pipe cactus

The next day, excited and pumped up we set to work. Do you want to see what we have done with our abode till now? 🙂

All the shelves and storage that we had bought were sort of customized for the previous home. Plus we now had to fit items from two bathrooms into one. So it was quite tricky to make it look all pretty and organized in the new home. After a lot of brainstorming and trials, we finally agreed on this look of the bathroom. We both love a bit of green in the house – be it living or non-living plants.

Never had we ever argued on the position of the mirror before. You see, the small round mirror is positioned in such a way that my husband can see the back of his head when he stands in front of the bigger mirror. 😛

bathroom decor ideas

bathroom ideas

This weekend we decided to arrange the bookshelf. After scrolling through loads of ideas on Pinterest, we finally mixed and matched designs to come up with this. And I absolutely love it. Right now, it’s the prettiest corner in my house.

bookshelf design

Sometimes I have to hold my ground. Especially when my husband insisted on hanging some of my paintings in the Toilet!! Seriously, what in the world mister. Thankfully, most of the rooms already had a lot of hooks in place so while my husband took care of assembling the dining table, I went around the rooms hanging my artworks. I am planning to paint a few larger canvas for the living room. But that will have to wait.

painting home decor

And when we can’t move anymore, we sit by the pool, trying to ease the pain of our tired legs.

swimming pool flowers

Thankfully, it’s Christmas time, so will have a week to set up a few more things before I go back to work. I am still trying to understand the house. All houses have their own weird noises. Like the last one, this one has its own set of creepy sounds that sometimes make me jump. The first few days I had a hard time distinguishing between a door knock and the sound of something falling on the roof. Although I am yet to figure what it is that keeps falling.

While I do that, I hope you all are having a wonderful time with your friends and family.

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moving into new home

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13 thoughts on “Of moving and decorating a new home

  1. Many congratulations on the new home, Raj! I love how you are decorating! And so soon too! I remember we procrastinated even basic decor for months! In-fact we are 2 years in, and we still have to get the darn curtains for the house! Lazy, lazy, I know! 😛

    But you guys are so prompt and awesome. Love the touches of green. And the bookshelf is SO adorable!

  2. Raj this must be so exciting for you! I can imagine the thrill of arranging the new home and also the fatigue that comes after! Absolutely love the way you’ve done up the bathroom! It is quite spacious btw! The greens definitely add so much life to the whole decor! The book shelf is “LOVE”!! Your art is going to be the talking piece though! That pool…lovely!! Happy Decorating xoxo!

  3. A huge congratulations and hugs to you Raj – this is looking splendid. I loved the bookshelf too though you have done a marvellous job with the loo too – positioning the small mirror cracked me up 🙂

  4. Congratulations on your new home! It looks lovely. I love the bookshelf. I do like seeing how different people decorate their homes. It’s fascinating. I’m still decluttering stuff from my place and hopefully, when I have to move next, there won’t be too many things! Except books. There’s always books! Hope you have a relaxing few days as moving is stressful! Will organise a catch up for January 🙂

  5. Congratulations, again, dear Raj, for the new home!
    And, now….I LOVE YOUR BATHROOM!!! 😛 I don’t know why, but I have this special fascination for bathrooms, and the more unique, spacious, beautifully decorated, the more I fall in love with them! And, yours is all of the above! Wow! I could spend an entire day there…seriously!

    I liked the book case too…but the bathroom gets full points!

    Have a lovely holiday and enjoy setting up your new home! And, do share with us what that noise is all about after you figure it out. 😛

  6. Once again congrats on this huge achievement Raj – I can see you are having a blessed time doing it up. I think this is the perfect time to move into a new house – just when the new year is round the corner and you are set to make new beginnings.!! Wish you tonnes of joys in this home and I am sure it will soon be the perfect reflection of you both!! xoxo

  7. Congratulations for the new home. Initially it is indeed exhausting to plan and arrange stuff around the house but from the photos it looks like both of you have been doing a nice job of decorating. I must take a lesson or two from here 🙂 And, what is it about the strange sounds in the house? What has been falling on the roof? Oh God! It is sounding spooky. Hope all is well

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