#WW – Cake and Code

I complete 11 years as a professional software engineer. Feel so old already 😅

It’s amazing how times have changed since the year I started studying for my Engineering degree. People kept telling me that Computer Science/Information Technology is a fad.  It won’t stick for long like other engineering branches like Electrical or Civil.  That was 15 years ago.  Can you imagine  a world without IT now?

We didn’t have internet in our hostel till my 7th semester. Our head of department had assigned my friend and I a project to build Student Management System in PHP ( DB – MySQL). We both were absolutely clueless on how to even get started on language we had never seen before.  We mostly learnt C, C# and Java in our class.

Those were days when Library was the answer to every single question. We borrowed numerous books on PHP and MySQL, read it from front to back, practiced and learnt the language. By the end of the term our shiny new project was ready.

But funnily, the most tricky bit was to install Linux in our computers. Crashed our windows OS a couple of times before we finally got it right. 😅 I think we were trying to install Fedora core Linux which was soon discontinued later that year. 🙈

Imagine how easily one can learn in today’s world. It’s unbelievable how Information is now available at fingertips.

In case you are wondering,  here’s the screen that I look at 8 hours a day 😅


Cake days are fun 😀😀

When people bring chocolates to the office… How can one refuse!

Managed to grab an apple from our office fruit basket.

When my thoughtful manager brought me breakfast at 6 am on a Sunday for a production release.

When the  Manilla team sent us some of their delicacies. It’s  an edible paper toffee.


And when we have simply given up on life,  universe and everything 😅 That’s  my pair,  after I asked him too many questions 😅.


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10 thoughts on “#WW – Cake and Code

  1. I am a totaly tech retard so have a lot of respect for your vocation. You chose to get into this line of work. Phew!! Unimaginable that peeps thought IT was a fad- its taken over all of our lives in every sphere and we cant do ANYTHING without it at all.

    Love the last pic- that guy has really surrendered!!

  2. Computer languages and IT tread on a tangential path with my brain system, although my husband and brother are IT guys. I am amazed howcome children of D’s age have taken up coding clubs, thus doing actual coding with I don’t know what. Once I showed an Instagram story and photo shared by the city museum’s coders’ club to D of 2 of our acquaintances’ sons (7 and 9 year olds), an uninterested D instantly said “Lagta hai ye dono bade hokar coder hi banenge.” I looked at him and wondered “Hain!!??”
    Not meaning to forget your post, I liked what all was in front of the black computer screen. And did your pair managed to do anything productive that particular day after that lying down pose in the chair? 😀 😀

  3. Oiii…..I didn’t even understand all that you wrote! I am that duddo about tech stuff.
    And, all the pics you shared–I was only looking at the food in your hands…esp the cake! 😛 Loved that!

  4. Hey Raj, Welcome back to #WW. Thank you so much for linking up this week. We love your posts.

    I loved this line-up of stories and the pictures that go with them. The last one is epic. Ha! Ha!

    And what delicacy was that from Manila? I lived there for a while and would love to know.

    Love and cheer. <3

  5. I am in awe of IT people because coding is beyond me! I find it ironic that you studied it in the first place without access to the internet. Also, the corporate world and good food seem to go hand in hand 😉 We don’t get that working in public health!

  6. Your colleague badly needs to learn Dhanurasana. Stretching out on his chair is not good is it? Thanks for sharing your journey as a young engineering grad to a software professional today. Learning has become easy. What do I do with my old Encylcopedia Britannica?

  7. First of all, thank you very much for joining us this week, Raj. I’m so glad you shared these pictures that convey so much about you, your workplace and your everyday work life. All the pictures tell a story. And they are so unique. There has been a huge change in higher education since the 90s and the early 2000. Libraries are almost non-existent now. Who needs them anyway? The last picture is a classic, though! It says so much in so little.

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