Photo Blog: Sunset in Sydney

Just beyond the sunset
Lies a home for me
Where the world is peaceful
Like a paradise should be
Just beyond the sunset
Someday is where you’ll find me
- David Harris

Bringing to you another edition of sunset captured in Sydney Australia. These weren’t shot from any popular spot or vantage points. I must say, I feel extremely lucky to witness this beauty while I was simply going about my business.

For instance, the sky happened to look like this and the road without any traffic as we made our way back home one fine winter evening.

sunset sydney australia

I didn’t know the lake next to my suburb looked this peaceful. We decided to stop by Ponds to do our grocery shopping for the week. Instead we ended up walking around this lake, admiring the westering sun.

sunset sydney australia

I was rushing to the station to catch my train, and while waiting at the traffic light, happened to look at the sky. Made me stop right away.

darling harbour


Catching sunsets are we?
Another drive back from grocery shopping. Hmmm I should do more of grocery shopping in the evening.

sunset australia

Pink and purple skies are pretty common in Sydney. The first time I saw them at Bald Hill, I was in awe. Remember the cotton candy sky with a rainbow just outside my home. We were driving back from Jenolan Caves when the sky started turning pink. A stop by the roadside to stretch our legs and breathe in the cool mountain air was enough for the long drive back home.

sunset sydney australia

The next two sunset pictures were clicked from my workplace. Just between Spring (September) and October long weekend (when the clock goes forward by one hour ), one could see sunset right at around 5 pm. A perfect way to call it a day and go home.

sunset sydney australia


sunset sydney australia


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sunset sydney australia

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39 thoughts on “Photo Blog: Sunset in Sydney

  1. Yep, all seven were beauties. The last two and the one withe reflections of the traffic light were my faves. You have a great eye…kudos…

  2. Absolutely breathtaking and mesmerising sunsets, Rajlakshmi! No match for our Bangalore skies…Sydney is way more magical, any day! And your captures are simply too good!!!

  3. Beautiful photos! Makes me miss Australia so much. I lived in Melbourne for a bit and saw some beautiful skies there too.

  4. Ahhh I have seen some of the most spectacular sunsets ever from the car!!! It just reminds you that the sun sets every night and yet we only rarely get to experience it in all of its glory. Lovely photos.

  5. Such beautiful photos. It’s such a blessing to live somewhere with beautiful sunsets or sunrises. I used to live in Los Angeles and loved to sit on my rooftop deck and watch the sunset. Even over the streets, it was always spectacular.

  6. Gorgeous photos! When I travel I’m always up for sunrise as its my favorite time of the day. Because of the early mornings, it’s rare when I see a sunset. Your photos have reminded me what I’m missing. I should try to catch a few more. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Wow!!! I’m a little jealous of you, ai must admit. But your pictures also bring in a message to me that once in a while, we must stop, pause and look around to admire nature. There’s so much beauty to calm us. Lovely clicks!!

  8. You really bring meaning to the term ‘Look Up’ 🙂 I remember seeing the caption on the one with the upturned umbrellas on Instagram and loving it!

    Each shot is more beautiful than the next. What a delightfully gorgeous thing is Nature!

  9. Those are really gorgeous sunsets. You know I live in an area in Bangalore where I suddenly catch stunning sky views. On my evening walks, I often caught some pretty sunsets. It’s amazing, isn’t it!

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