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I get involved in a lot of kitchen catastrophes than I would like to. The smoke alarm in my previous apartment would go off a lot and I had to pull a chair to reach for the alarm to shut it off. Thankfully, the kitchen in my current home has a proper ventilation, but sometimes while making curry, I would mindlessly fry raw chilies in hot oil. You can imagine the kind of agony my eyes and nose have to undergo.

But occasionally, I do get things right.  Over the weekend, my husband and I made some pancakes and enjoyed them with a good amount of maple syrup and ice cream.

Although, I did go a little overboard with whipped cream and drowned my pancake.


Last week I bought a pack of Portobello mushroom on a whim and then spent the next two hours looking for recipes that didn’t need balsamic vinegar. Try it, I challenge you to find at least one recipe that doesn’t use soy sauce or balsamic vinegar. And you can’t even use normal white vinegar, because apparently, they both are different.

Since I only had soy sauce, I decided to wing it. In a pan, I poured olive oil, then added soy sauce, sugar and maple syrup (yeah don’t ask me why) and water. I boiled mushrooms in the mixture and once they were done (or I believe they were done ), I placed them between my mashed avocado burger. Had it with hot mustard and tomato sauce.



I love Asian noodle soups, but ever since I started controlling my MSG (food enhancer number 621) intake, I try to make them at home. Since I don’t use chicken broth at all, my noodle soup doesn’t turn as tasty as the ones in the restaurant, but good enough to satisfy my craving.

Bok Choy, carrots and mushrooms boiled in water with a bit of soy sauce, ginger and star anise.


Ahh Sushi… my love. Anytime, any day and so easy to make. I bought Sushi rice, Nori (seaweed) sheets and Japanese miso soup paste from the Asian section in Woolies. Preparation of sushi rice doesn’t take time, it’s the cooling down that makes me impatient. You have to wait till the rice is cool before rolling them in seaweed. I made these cucumber and avocado maki sushi. (Maki means to roll or wrap)

homemade sushi

Eating Out

One of my favorite places to enjoy a good Japanese meal is Miso Restaurant in Sydney CBD. They serve an awesome variety of Teishoku and Bento Box. I tried the Vegetable Bento which consisted of rice and loads of steamed and fried vegetables, tofu, pickles, and miso soup. It was an absolute delight.

bento box


My other favorite place to have lunch is at Nan Tien Temple, Wollongong. They serve Buddhist lunch consisting of rice/noodles and 5 different side dish. A well balanced delicious and nutritional meal that I love to indulge sometimes.

buddhist cuisine

Just writing this post is making my tummy growl in hunger.

15 thoughts on “What’s cooking!

  1. Those are some yummy meals! The mushroom burger is intriguing! Did you know, I still haven’t been to Nan Tien Temple. I have a better excuse now living up the central coast but previously, I used to live in the shire so technically, it wasn’t that far! Will have to make my way there some day…

  2. Good thing I just had dinner. Whipped cream is awesome! Love to have it just as it is! Not a fan of mushroom but your commentary is fun, Raj! Frying chilies in oil… just thinking of it makes my eyes smart! I once visited a Buddhist restaurant called Buddha (I know, right?) and the menu was just delicious. Really enjoyed ourselves.

  3. Delicious!! That soupy noodle with bok choy, carrots and mushrooms…so heavenly I could tuck into it rightaway. 😀 Infact all the pictures look amazingly tempting. One of the things on my agenda for 2019 is to try Sushi sometime.

  4. Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Mexican — I love all these cuisines. You know I love Portobello mushroom. Haven’t had them since I came back from the US a long time ago. Best would be to grill them. Else, cook them with a little butter, garlic and wine along with some salt. They taste yum. Your pancakes are indeed drowning in whipped cream. 🙂 My kids just love pancakes. For your soup, try using a veg stock. Make it with onion, garlic ginger, coriander stems, carrots, beans etc. You can use the discarded portions of the veggies, wash them well and use or you can use veggies, make a large batch and store in fridge. I love foodie posts. 🙂

  5. Your post is yummylicious. I also have lot of accidents in the kitchen just like you. Sometimes I also get things on a whim and then have to miss certain ingredients as i dont have them in my Kitchen. Love the way showed all the yummy pictures and am definately going to prepare a scrumptious breakfast today.

  6. Your post came at such a time when I am famished, dying to eat something spicy, hot and out of the world and I see it all right in front of me and can’t even eat it!!! 😀

    And, as far as kitchen disasters are concerned, you aren’t alone, Raj.
    The first time I made rice in a vessel (as opposed to in a cooker), I burnt it all, rice and the vessel.
    And, once, while making sambhar, I don’t know where I was lost, I added pav bhai masala to it instead of sambhar masala, and when I cried in despair my MIL asked what had happened, I had to tell her the truth, to which she said, “Oh god! What sort of sambhar will we have to have today???” I was sweating profusely as I tried to rectify my mistake…don’t ask me how I did that!! 😛

    1. Oh my how did you manage to burn the vessel too 😛 But I can understand. Having been through so many disasters. Maybe that’s another Geminian speciality 😛

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