10 Zentangle Inspired Typography

zentangle typography


Syzygy – An alignment of three celestial bodies

UbuntuNguni Bantu term that translates to ‘Humanity and Kindness’


Sereinfine rain falling from a cloudless sky



MetanoiaThe journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self or the way of life

Hiraeth a longing for a place, person or memory that is beyond this plane of existence; grief for lost places in time.

Duendea Spanish word meaning a special charm or quality that makes people irresistibly attractive








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16 thoughts on “10 Zentangle Inspired Typography

  1. Every word has such a beautiful meaning and the art work is just spectacular. I love that each pattern is so different from the other and they look so beautiful! You really are a master of all trades, Raj.

  2. Wow, you never cease to amaze me! Has Shilpa seen the one on Metanoia? She will be over the moon 😀 The intricacy of the patterns are so incredibly beautiful!

    Have you ever considered selling your Zentangle prints on Etsy? I know there’s a HUGE market for them.

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