Of butts over brains and politeness

“Drink a lot and then pee a lot”. That’s how my Mom ends most of our conversations. Her solution to all the health problems. Headaches – drink water, hair loss – drink water, Can’t cook – drink water. I have set quite an ambitious goal for my daily water consumption, as a result, the visits to the loo have become outrageously high.

And when you are at the office, pair-programming with guys, telling them you are going to loo 10 times a day can be a bit awkward. I have now borrowed Arnie’s famous dialogue from Terminator to resolve this – I leave the seat with “I’ll be back“. So what if I am going to something as unglamorous as the restroom. They understand, but I sincerely hope no one’s counting. I don’t want people to wonder if I have some sort of UTI.


My Instagram feed has turned into a nude-fest. I am absolutely terrified of scrolling through the feed in the train for the fear of being labeled as a pervert. You see, I follow a lot of yoga, fitness and travel accounts, and of late, the number of half-naked butt pictures has increased by ten folds. I actually admire posts on body positivity (talking about body issues, weight, and cellulite), but I fail to understand the meaning of posting bare buttock pictures in the name of “strong, confident woman“. One wouldn’t expect Elon Musk or Bill Gates to go down this path to promote “confident men“. There’s a whole population of women fighting for equality and to be taken seriously in a male-dominated workforce. I am pretty sure I will be labeled a hater if I point out that these photos are only further objectifying women. If you want to post a picture, go for your life, but don’t pass it off as a completely different cause.

Maybe I am just too old or prude for this generation. Don’t mind me, as I try to figure out this constant fixation on butts rather than brains.


A few days ago, I overheard a rather loud conversation on the culture of greeting each other with “Hi, How Are You” in Australia.  Guy1 was going on and on about how he prefers getting to the point rather than all this “meaningless” greeting, how he likes to have more meaningful talks and how no one cares whether you answer back or not. Guy2, gave a reply that absolutely impressed me. He told him, in a matured tone, that if you don’t talk to people how will you open the channel for something more meaningful? True isn’t it?

I have made many connections with people just through “Hi, how are you“. It makes the workplace less awkward when you talk and smile at each other while passing in the hallway, listen to their weekend stories and their Christman plans. There’s nothing wrong in lending an ear. There are a lot of lonely people in the world with stories to be voiced. Maybe, your conversation is the highlight of their day.

In this world of sassy comebacks and rude replies, a little politeness isn’t a bad thing. Be nice to people.

And with that, I hope you all have a wonderful week.

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12 thoughts on “Of butts over brains and politeness

  1. Your Mom and my husband are the same. I recently told The Husband, I am missing my Mom. His response, drink water.

    No, I don’t enjoy those nanga-punga pics, with captions that absolutely do not match either.

    I did enjoy this post, and my visit to your blog after a while. As always, your post manages to make me guffaw!

  2. Ha ha ha – your wit and humour has me in splits every time I read these posts of yours!!

    Its a frenzy out there to live it up with negative publicity and all the social media channels have their alogarithms set to making them viral – hence the If and butt pics all over!!! Sad but thats the way the world seems to be going these days. Hopefully the bubble will burst soonest. Glad to find another Prude in the mele – I am with ya woman on this one.

    I am ending with “I will be back” cos you know what it means 😉

  3. I know that “rest room” feeling, Raj. I’m in the same league.

    Butt-naturally those pictures can be a put off. I find some of these eye-ball grabbing posts and events outrageous. No, neither am I a prude.

    We recently had a “run in your sports bra/bra event exclusively for women”. In a place like NCR/Delhi where even fully clothed women are unsafe, I don’t understand the logic behind such events. These days I have noticed in the name of feminism, people go awry. There were so many people lauding them with oohs and ahas. Even the Hindu covered them.

    Such events would work well abroad, where women even otherwise run in their sports bras. But I believe our population is still not ready for this. Anything in the name of liberalisation, so it seems!
    I’m all for breaking stereotypes, but truth be told, not at the expense of being over the top and grabbing eye-balls.

    Just my two cents. I know many people won’t agree.

    And yes, there is a dire need for compassion and kindness or lending a patient ear, in this world strife with angst and pain.

  4. I can completely relate to all your posts here…I am a feminist and I am all for body positivity but spare me those pics…I hear you. I am probably too old too, i guess. And the washroom breaks and the politeness post…I completely agree Rajlakshmi.

  5. Nude-Fest! Aha, lucky you 😛

    Politeness is very important. Small talk can learn to great conversations and in some cases some good friends too.

  6. When I was young one of the sayings that was drilled into my head was Manners maketh a man. I am also finding it hard to understand the young generation. Nice post.

  7. Ya Raji. Little politeness makes a great start to understand the other person or atleast start a conversation and make a friend. Like your mom, I also believe in drink a lot for every problem. Especially for headaches.

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