Perfect Broccoli and gorgeous spread of White Messiness

Yo!! So I finally got to see snow. First time ever!! Natural, soft and bitterly cold snow. Indulged in my first snowball fight too. One would think that it would be all lovey-dovey like they show in movies. My husband made a massive ball and threw straight at my face. Boy! that was painful. Before everything else, I had to learn to walk in the snow. I tried to climb up the slope and sank waist deep. What kind of booby trap is this?

But there’s an insurmountable joy in staring at miles and miles of white peaks, with a hint of foliage here and there. A gorgeous spread of white messiness that one simply can’t stop looking at.


The week before, we hiked in the Blue Mountains again, but on a trail that we hadn’t explored before. The spectacular view of the Grose Valley was made of all things poetic. It was only when I checked Google maps, did I realize that I had explored the mountain right to opposite to me.

Talking about nature, what is this weird blob of perfect fractals? So pretty that my mind is blowing out of proportions. You, Romanesco Broccoli! You make my zentangle patterns look like tantrums of a screaming child.

Not all days are spent in nature. Sometimes, you gotta make a ridiculous amount of avocado for dinner, along with doing product support from home.

At work, I am back to pair programming, developing the application with a new pair-partner. Like I explained before, pair programming is when two developers work on the same functionality at the same desk, sharing two monitors, two keyboards, and a mouse. One writes the code while other reviews and vice versa. There’s no concept of documentation in this form of extreme programming. So whoever joins the project, learns hands-on and is expected to train any new member in the future. No pressure!

No, I don’t eat this everyday. I was fancy just one morning and decided to show off 😛

The big bosses treated us to an insane amount of donuts after the successful completion of the project. I could barely manage to finish one. Thus grows the perennial belly of a software engineer.

Hope you all have an exciting week ahead!

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7 thoughts on “Perfect Broccoli and gorgeous spread of White Messiness

  1. Oooooh that experience with snow must be something! I remember mine as a kid in UK and yes, the snow ball fights with my brother were really painful. **Shudders**

    Your Guacamole looks yummers! And I love Krispy Creme. Bt might as well not think of them, as I have been overdosing on sugar offsite. 😉

  2. I so wish to play in the snow someday!!! Oh, and i loved this pretty Broccoli..that is BROCCOLI??? FIrst, when I looked at the picture from the corner of my eye as my other eye read your post, I thought it to be the eye of an iguana, or a pair of iguanas! 😛

  3. I love to play with snow. The first time I experienced snow was in Scotland. Still have fond memories from that time. And that broccoli. I cooked with it in Rome. How fantastic! It feels a cross between a cauliflower and broccoli. 🙂

  4. I can imagine the pain of that snow ball… the movies have been all wrong 😀 But yes, watching the white expanse of snow is a feast to eyes. The brocolli has some amazing patterns and seeing such delicious looking food pics, I am feeling hungry here at 12.10 am 😀

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