3 Funky Yoga Arm Balances

I was planning to write a huge post on funky yoga poses to try,  but then, Goblin happened and I  just didn’t know where all my time went. Goblin is the new Korean Drama that I am addicted to; which,  frightfully, turned me into a couch potato last week. But today I have scrolled through enough fitness photos on my Instagram to get all pumped up for the week ahead. Yes,  I am that annoying person who is always excited about Mondays. 😅 And I have got three sort-of Yoga arm balance tutorial for you. Keeping things interesting on the mat you see.

Are you ready to add more swag to your awesome yoga moves?

Side Crow

For a very long time, I was stuck in the first pose itself. Because I didn’t have enough flexibility to comfortably lean in. See how important it is to not skip stretching and working on flexibility.

Keep practicing until your knee can reach your elbows and rest on them as well. Do the toe-taps,  one foot at a time. And once you know your arms are strong and sturdy, lean in and raise your feet.

I find it easier to balance when I am staring in front of me rather than looking down. Also, wear something non-slippery,  else you will find that your knee would keep slipping off the elbow.

It is extremely important that you have completely warmed up your body. I do all the arm balances towards the end of my practice.

Fallen Angel

The reason behind learning side crow was the wish to do Fallen Angel Pose. But I realized later that you don’t necessarily need to be able to hold side-crow to transition into a fallen angel. It’s much easier to balance if you have good hip flexibility. If not,  don’t worry,  just keep working on it, step by step.

If you aren’t confident yet,  please be safe and practice against the wall. Don’t go knocking all the furniture and lamps! 😊

Side Plank B

Do you slide into side planks like it’s no big deal? Well,  let’s take it up a notch and do some extended toe touches. Working on core strength would prevent your hips from sagging, while hip and leg flexibility will further lift your toes.

I am still working on this pose.  Since I have been working on my splits for over a year now, it improved my flexibility to reach my toes.

We all start somewhere.  I started from a place where I would start shaking within a few seconds of holding a plank. If you have a goal in mind, work for it. You fall down,  you get up and do it again. It’s as simple as that.

So with that overdose of philosophy, I am signing off for now. Don’t forget to leave a comment and let me know what your workout routine looks like.

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Yoga Arm Balance Tutorial

11 thoughts on “3 Funky Yoga Arm Balances

  1. My arms are my weak areas and I have been trying to work on that. I do very simple asanas, that focus on the area. These seem fun…. but tough too.. (I am poor at balancing)

  2. I have heard a lot about Korean dramas. Are they available on Netflix?
    Your yoga poses amaze me… I cant even imagine myself doing these… ever in this life!!

  3. You’re the only person who can use ‘funky’ and ‘yoga’ in the same sentence without it sounding one bit odd. Nos 1 and 2 look absolute magic. No3 I might try. Shall send you the hospital bills should I break something.

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