Tasmania – Dove Lake Circuit, Cradle Mountain

Tasmania Road Trip Cradle Mountain

Day 1 – Lavender Farm and Bay of Fire

Day 2/ Day 3 – White Sand, Shells, and Wineglass Bay

Day 4 – Tasman Peninsula

Day 5/ Day 6 – The Stunning Tasmanian Landscape (Hobart and Tullah)

Are you still following my journey? Last December my husband and I spent 9 days road-tripping around Tasmania. After strolling in Lavender Farm, hiking till Wineglass Bay, going in search of Bioluminescent algae and driving through the stunning landscape of old mining villages, let me take you to Cradle Mountain.

We started early from our resort at Tullah. The distance to Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park was only about 60 km, so we were in no rush. We crossed acres and acres of rainforests, flanked by glimpses of rugged mountain peaks. The landscape changed to heathland as we neared the Cradle Mountain entrance.

At the entrance, we bought a day pass which cost us about 16.50 per person. Due to a lot of visitors that day, we had to park our car at the entrance and take a shuttle to Dove Lake Circuit. We had planned to walk around Dove Lake, and then later, do some short hikes around the area. You will be able to collect the map and other information from the information center at the ticket counter.

Dove Lake Circuit – One of the best-known hikes in Tasmania

After about 15 minutes of the bus ride, we got down at Dove Lake. The weather was just right, a bit cloudy and not too cold. This was probably the first time during our road trip when the sun wasn’t blazing on our face.

Dove Lake Circuit is an easy 6 km boardwalk around the lake that takes about 2 hours to complete. The views are spectacular, and you can see the jagged peak of Cradle mountain looming over the lake all along the path.


The circuit is divided into different sections. My favorite is the Ballroom forest, which looked so fairy tale like, with lime green moss-laden trees and a little stream flowing into the lake. It is said that walking the track anti-clockwise is easier as you get the steeper sections done at the beginning. This track is easy enough to be done by both kids and the elderly.


After completing the Dove Lake circuit, we took a shoulder track towards Ronny Creek, which was another 2 km of a boardwalk in the wilderness. The landscape was completely different from Dove Lake Circuit. A wide stretch of buttongrass moorlands, where if lucky, you will find wildlife grazing out and about.

I was only able to spot a Wombat from afar. Can you see it too?

The sights in Cradle Mountain is undoubtedly one of the best, and I will go back again to do other hikes that this place has to offer.

We stayed till early afternoon and then made our way to Launceston, where we spent the last 2 days of our road trip.

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22 thoughts on “Tasmania – Dove Lake Circuit, Cradle Mountain

  1. Tasmania is so wild and gorgeous. Your pictures of the forest and lake water are stunning! Australia is a bucket list country destination for me. So much to see and DO!

  2. I recently watched a David Attenborough documentary about Tasmania and it made me want to visit soooo much! It looks amazing, and the animals sound so interesting too! ❤

    Your photos are only reinforcing my need to visit! It looks sooooo amazing!! I love a good hike, so this looks like my perfect holiday!

  3. You saw a Wombat!! Amazing. Cradle mountain looks absolutely stunning, I really wish I made it to Tassie when I was down in Melbourne. Who knows, maybe I’ll still make it out there 🙂

  4. This is absolutely stunning! I can’t believe how gorgeous this place is. I didn’t know much about Tasmania, but because of this post I think I should look a little deeper:)

  5. I see the wombat! Haha! He looks so cute! I really enjoyed following along on your hike. I had never considered going to Tasmania, but now I think it might be a nice side trip from Australia and New Zealand.

  6. Can I say I’m a little jealous of you? The fact that you can go for such trips? I miss the freedom that I once had. But I guess that happens. I love reading about your journey especially your quirkiness that comes across in everything you do. 😊 Cheers girl!

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