10 Black Pen Illustrations

Black pen illustrations 

Presenting before you 10 of my black pen illustrations, which I had already posted on on my instagram account – @paperandprose. 😀

The first one is for all Dr Who fans.

Can you read Gallifreyan? 😊 Let’s  see if you can decipher this.  It’s so interesting to see how different symbols are arranged to make words. Very complicated too.  And I thought trigonometry was tough. 😅

Gallifrey Dr Who fan art

Underwater – Isn’t  marine life a muse in itself? So many varieties of beautiful shapes and forms that inspire you to draw and imitate them on paper.

Although my little jelly fish kinda looks like an alien ship from a Tom Cruise movie.  😅

Stippling black pen illustration

I came up with the below idea while I was in the bathroom washing my face. And since I am really bad at remembering these bulb 💡 moments, I ended up drawing it soon after. The plan is to make a better and bigger version of this.


Dotwork – made entirely by dots… No dashes.

Black pen illustration florals

The initial idea was to draw a complete whale,  but I couldn’t fit it in, so well,  just a tail for now 😊

Black pen illustration artwork

Since my drawing skills are really limited when it comes to life forms,  I end up making everything look like a cartoon character 😅

Whale artwork black pen


This was completely inspired by Disney movie Moana,  which I had watched just before drawing this. Dots and dashes,  no it’s not Morse  code…  It’s  stippling.

Black pen artwork illustration


Blackwork artwork

This one is for Assam, my home statePopular for one horned rhinos and black tea.  Can you spot other characteristics that depict this beautiful northeastern state of India?

Assam rhino art drawing


More than a decade ago,  I visited Arunachal Pradesh with my hostelmates as a part of hostel picnic. The memory of this beautiful land is still eteched in my mind. We found a spot on the bank of a gushing river, at the foot of the lush green mountains. I didn’t see the night sky as we had to return back,  but I imagine it must be incredible 😊

Black pen illustration

Don’t forget to tell me what you think 😊


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15 thoughts on “10 Black Pen Illustrations

  1. OMG these are super awesome. You are so talented. And the funniest part here is that i have been following paper and prose for quite a while and i didn’t know it was you. 😅😅 I have admired the collection there so much, but didn’t really know that it was your account.

    Hope to try some of these some day, though it seems daunting.

  2. Gosh! what is it? You can’t google and put pictures here? 🙂

    Man, Raji! You are amazing. I loved them all. Assam – sugar cane? I loved Moana. You did complete justice to that too.

  3. Wow. The tedious work that has gone into each and everyone of them is astonishing to my mind Raj. And your imagination in coming up with the concept of each one is so gorgeous. Your creative bent of kind ocmes to fore. My fav is the Rhino- what a way to highlight Assam.

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