10 problems only long-haired girls understand

Only 10 you say, well here’s problems only long-haired girls understand!

Problems Only Long Haired Girls Understand

I write this post as I mourn the loss of yet another hair clip.  The tally this year has reached 4. Yes, long hair can look all classy and pretty and other wonderful adjectives, but let me tell you – it’s a hair-raising affair. So here’s to all the girls struggling to tame their mane every single day. Stay strong dear girl, you are not alone!

Hair there and everywhere
There’s a designated place in my house where I comb my hair – the bathroom. And yet my hair finds a way to every single room -the sofa, the carpet, the bed, the mattress. Combing and cleaning go hand in hand.

One rubber-band is never enough
Once your hair length goes past the waist, one rubber band to hold that crown up is never enough. You start with a top-not and in 5 secs they slip down to your nape. I carry rubber bands everywhere. Three in hair and 2 as spare, because the worst thing that could happen when you are at the office is your rubber band snapping into two. True story!


Humidity is a horror story

I step out of my house with hair all prim and proper… and boom! Humidity happens. Hair turns into this bundle of sheep wool.

Broken hairclips

Like I said – you gotta learn to nurse the hurt of every single broken hair clips. Oh, my beautiful beautiful clips!

Stuck in all the odd places
Zipper, car windows, your bag, someone else’s bag, my armpits, my husband’s armpits. Let me tell you, there’s no right way to carry a purse when you got long hair. They are bound to get stuck.

The thing called Ponytail
Just the simple task of leaning against the car seat with a ponytail requires complex mathematics. You gotta figure out the angles and test different positions. The car designers need to be more innovative. As for floor exercises, they are a whole different level of uncomfortable!

Washing your hair
You don’t just wash your hair. You plan and calculate the whole act in your head before actually doing it. I cannot even imagine washing my hair during work days. And I have to deal with all the strange looks when I tell people that I wash my hair only once a week. It’s strictly reserved for weekends.

Takes forever to dry
Hair-dryers make me look like this.

Source: Pinterest

So I dry my hair the old-fashioned way – in the sun. My hair hasn’t dried since 2007. It’s a surprise that algae haven’t started growing on my scalp.

Got a mind of their own
Let me break this to you about the hairstyles on Pinterest. Your hair will stay like that for exactly 2.5 seconds without any hair products. After that, they twist and turn in whatever way they feel is comfortable. Sometimes, I wonder what’s the point when I always end up tying them in a ponytail.

Dread the scissors
I have exactly one picture of me with short hair – when I was probably 9 months old. So I am fearful of the power of scissors. And frankly, after 30 years, I kinda dread what if they don’t grow back. Which in turn, leads to all kind of experiments – like the time when I gave myself a layer cut watching a Youtube tutorial.


And then there’s the problem of social media, my arms could never stretch enough to get it all in one frame.

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14 thoughts on “10 problems only long-haired girls understand

  1. – Ditto.
    – Even the scrunchies get loose after a couple of uses.
    – Ditto.
    – Ditto.
    – Ditto.
    – I never managed to get a hang of the correct angle. The math was too complex.
    – Hahaha! That actually went into my “to-do-list”… “WASH HAIR”… in CAPS. In my mind, it translated to “CLIMB MOUNT EVEREST”.
    – LOL! I’m cool with the hair drier, so I’m confident that there is no algae in my hair. 😛
    – Seriously! The eternal ponytail! Or tied up in a bun in summers! Always in a prison!
    – LOVE the Scissors! I got my hair cut short when I got that shoulder problem (remember the 4 hours physio every day?)… and I haven’t grown it long since then. Finally free of the first 9 worries! 😀 😀 😀

  2. Oh I can so relate. I have always had long hair, that is till I turned 30 and decided to chop it off. But it was not nearly as long or beautiful as yours, so I am glad that I decided to chop it off. It’s quite literally a load off my head. 😀

  3. Hahaha, I never realized long-haired people had so many problems! I have intensely stubborn thick hair which never responds to any kind of smoothening and the curse of humidity makes it worse! Loved this post Raj!

  4. I had very long hair in my twenties. I grew it out, cut it and donated it to have wigs made for people with medical hair loss.

  5. Had a rocking time reading your perils!!! I must appreciate the brave heart you…coz I’m so allergic to long hair. Had long hair only till 14-15 years of age and since then I gave up a fight with them.
    Wonderful read!

  6. How sure are you about the algae? make biker check it once..:p
    The hair clip story is so true.. I feel so Dad Everytime one breaks. I keep the broken pieces for a few months before throwing them 🙈

  7. Hahaha! Your posts always leave me chuckling, Raj!

    I had long hair (till my hips) when in school. Then mum too had that long hair and she wouldn’t find the time to tie my hair and hers and then leave for school. So my hair was chopped off. It never grew back to its original length again. But I can understand your plight.

    The hair-drier-dried hair had me in splits! 😅😅😅

  8. Ha ha Yoga Girl- how do you do your Yoga? It must be quite difficult managing your hair and all those head stands etc….
    and I’m glad I’ve never had long hair …. it’s too much of a pain to look after . But hair fall and broken clips is endemic to all hair .
    While I can understand your problems DON’T cut your hair ( I know I’m not your mum ) . It is so much part of your personality.

  9. haha..well, you know my hair is curly and humidity makes me Monica 😀 Also, it does have a mind of it’s own and more often than not looks like steel wool that we use to wash utensils. It defies gravity most of the time and also looks like a bird’s nest on important days not to mention the breakage! So, while you long hair girls might have problems, you should be glad you don’t have my bad, bad hair:D

  10. I used to have long hair and can relate to so much of this 😀 But I miss long hair despite all its problems. Sigh, I never had thick hair but I loved the hair.

    ‘Algae’ was the funniest bit for me 😉

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