Tasmania – Quirky Doo Town and Rock Formations

In today’s post, let me take you to a quirky ‘Doo’ Town and show you some amazing natural Rock Formations in the Tasman Peninsula that I covered during the road trip.

Tasmania Road Trip

Tasmania Road Trip

Day 1 – Lavender Farm and Bay of Fire

Day 2/ Day 3 – White Sand, Shells, and Wineglass Bay

But before all of that, my Day 4 started with a beautiful sunrise. After an exhausting Wineglass Bay hike the previous day, we spent the night at Swansea. I woke up just a few minutes shy of sunrise, which was at 5:30 am, and rushed out of the hotel. There was no time to persuade my husband as he was fast asleep. 🙂

I walked along the shore, soaking in the tranquility of this gentle coastal village, far far away from the chaos of the city. There was not a soul in sight,  just a dozen noisy seagulls cackling on a bed of seaweed. I walked to the end of the long jetty and sat on one of the benches. Surrounded by miles and miles of water, shimmering in the early morning light. The sun slowly rising above the hazy silhouette of the mountains afar.

We started early from Swansea and drove towards Hobart (135 km away). The scenes we saw on the way are nothing short of magical. The Tasmanian seascape, with its perfect blue water and shimmering white sands, are a sight to behold.

Our next stop was to visit the Tasman Peninsula, a major part of which is a protected national park. We even saw a cute Echidna crossing the road on its little legs and had to slow down for it.

The peninsula is a popular tourist destination and known for natural Rock Formations. The road signs are clear and easy to follow, and the lookouts are easily accessible from the car park.

Rock Formations at the Tasman Peninsula – Road Trip

Tessellated Pavements 

It is hard to believe that the fractures on the rocks are natural and not man-made. They look like a continuous rectangular fragmentation on the surface of the rock. These fractures were caused by the stress of the Earth’s Crust 160 to 60 million years ago.

Tasmans Arch 

This formation looks like a Giant Arch, which was formed thousands of years ago. In short, continuous erosion first created a sea cave 6000 years ago. Later on, the rocks and pillars started collapsing, forming an arch-like shape.

Devil’s Kitchen – Another rock formation made by erosion, and is still slowly changing in shape.

Doo Town

Frankly, I was most excited about finding the quirky ‘Doo Town’, because it was on my list ever since I read about it. Every house in this little village has the word ‘Doo’ appended to its name in some form or the other. How interesting is that!! I had to ask my husband to park the car on the roadside, while I ventured out, clicking pictures and capturing as many Doo names as possible. 😀

We didn’t drive to Port Arthur, which is the most popular destination on the Tasman Peninsula. Instead, we drove to Hobart, to our motel as I had plans to go in search of Bioluminescent planktons. You can read all about that story here – The search for Bioluminescent algae.

Let me leave you with some of the sights I captured on the road trip to Hobart.

Stay tuned for more tales from Tasmania road trip.

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Tasman Peninsula Road Trip

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  2. Looks beautiful in your photos! We visited Australia last year but didn’t have enough time to go to Tasmania. I am sure it will make for a great roadtrip though 🙂

  3. A road trip in Tasmania sounds awesome, all the raw nature is absolutely stunning ! And it’s, indeed, hard to believe that the pavement weren’t made by man but the nature 😮

  4. Seems that you had an awesome time exploring Tasmania 🙂 (my bucket list destination) And you had the chance to see the algae, that’s so amazing! Happy travels!

  5. Ah jeez Tasmania is the one place I didn’t visit in Oz that I really regret missing! Doo is another example of a hilarious Aussie place name though! And I hadn’t heard of it before; I only know the famous places like wineglass bay etc. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Didn’t know about these. Last time I saw rock formations was in Iceland and was a totally wowed experience. This looks also so beautiful. Hopefully one day I can see in real.

  7. Girl, this took me straight down memory lane! I was in Tasmania 18 years ago (!) and had a blast. We, too, were stopping the car constantly to let all the animals cross. Oh, the memories! Thanks…

  8. Wow! Such breathtaking views 🙂 I’m bookmarking this post for now. We’ve just moved to Sydney and are looking to explore places around slowly. And your pictures make me want to plan my next trip there.

  9. OH MY GOSH!!!! To show you how narrow minded I am I thought Tasmania was just the name of a cartoon character on Bugs Bunny show (Tasmanian Devil)!!! hahaha~ I feel so silly! This is an actual BEAUTIFUL place! Also, with living in the U.S. I have never seen such blue water in all my life. I definitely have it on my bucket list to see the Ocean and actually put my foot in blue water! Although I live only a few blocks from Fox River (it’s just mucky dirty muddy green water. 😦 Nothin’ much! But these pictures are amazing! Love the name of the town you visited & how everything is something DOO after it! So unique and awesome. Thanks so much for sharing your adventure!

  10. Oh my! The places you have presented in here are gorgeous! I would love to do a road trip around Tasmania. It has a lot of what I enjoy.

  11. Wow the rocks are simply amazing; the fractures made by erosion and the shaped carved int eh cliff sides are simply stunning! What an incredible trip this must have been Raj!

  12. Why is that rock called Devil’s Kitchen?? I am curious. The Doo town is funny almost reminded me of Hyderabad where most places end with ‘Guda’..lovely pictures. I wish I could visit. I went to Tauranga in NZ last year and the topography looks similar.

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