How to make a paper Quilling Flower?

Paper Quilling Flower Tutorial

It has been ages since I made any quilling artwork. But thank my knee for the injury which made me stay at home the last few weekends. So I took my craft box out and gave it go.

I taught myself quilling around 8 years back,  following numerous tutorials available on Pinterest and flickr. I didn’t have any rolling tool or quilling paper at that time.  Instead would use a toothpick, reuse paper and cut it into strips. The end result wasn’t polished but it got me hooked to this artform. After that I bought the tool and looked for cheaper options to buy paper.

In this post you will learn how to make paper quilling flower. So let’s get creative.

In the first flower,  each petal is made of three layers of paper rolls.

1. Pick three colors

2. Roll the first one. This would form the inner shade.

3. Press in the middle to give it a boomerang kind of shape.  Leave a bit of paper towards the end.

4. Stick the open ends together and wrap the whole shape with the bit that was left. This would keep it in shape.

5. Pick the next shade,  roll and press it into  a shape. Now place this on top of the orange petal. Glue it together and wrap the whole roll with the end that was left unrolled.

Repeat the last step for the next layer.

How to make paper Quilling Flower

The next tutorial is pretty simple. If you want a bigger flower stick the ends of two paper strips. Don’t make the coils too tight as it becomes difficult to press them into a shape.

How to make paper Quilling Flower

The below tutorial shows how you can make leaves.


The end product, as of now,  looks like this. I am thinking of making a butterfly and place it in the corner.

What do you think?

Paper quilling flowers


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8 thoughts on “How to make a paper Quilling Flower?

  1. The whole thing looks beautiful, Raj! But, I don’t know why I don’t find quilling as exciting as, say, Zentangle! Maybe I am not too much of a crafts person as I am an arts person! 😛
    Also, just looking at the pretty flower you made, I feel I might not be able to work up enough patience to do it myself!

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