Handmade Floral Illustrations

Artwork – Handmade Floral Illustrations

Handmade Floral Illustrations

Hello there, I am back with some illustrations I did the past few weeks. I have been trying hand-lettering too but looks like I need a whole lot of practice to even make the letters align properly. I tell you, the pen grows a mind of its own and goes all squiggly.


Handmade Floral Illustrations

But I did try decorating few letters – well two, my initials. I have been thinking of creating a whole set of Zentangle Inspired Alphabets. Hopefully by the end of this year, I will do that. For someone who gets involved with so many projects, I can be very lazy at times.

Zentangle inspired artwork alphabets


I love the feel of creating something new everyday. I believe it’s the same with every creative soul. The joy of physically holding an idea in your hand is priceless.


The below drawing was done on a white sheet. I drew the outline first and then coloured the blank space with a black sketch pen.

handmade floral illustrations


handmade floral illustrations


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10 thoughts on “Handmade Floral Illustrations

  1. Loved them all.. Especially the L.

    You know I am your fan, right? Well, I am! You inspired me to take up Zentangle! ❤❤❤

  2. I love the ‘Do no harm’ bookmark. You are truly awe-inspiring, Raj!!
    How much time does it take to complete one artwork… for example, this Letter R?

  3. I love the two alphabets that you illustrated! And the do no hard take no shit bookmark too. That is superb! Btw, I love your lettering. If mine was anything like yours, I’d be over the moon happy!

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