5 Short Poems – Love, Life and Travel

Words can be so incredibly beautiful. When strung together, they can make you weak in the knee, make you hold your heart and let out a sigh. They can transport you to a world that your heart truly belongs to.

Over a period of time I have read some amazing verses and poetry, written with such perfection that I like an addict I keep going back to them.

I found my most favourite poem around 10 years ago, written by W H Auden.
You can read the complete poem here – As I walked out one evening  
‘I’ll love you, dear, I’ll love you 
Till China and Africa meet, 
And the river jumps over the mountain 
And the salmon sing in the street,
‘I’ll love you till the ocean 
Is folded and hung up to dry 
And the seven stars go squawking 
Like geese about the sky.
I have read some beautiful poetry on Instagram too, which these days is my source of inspiration for almost everything. They reinstate my belief that poetry is still very much alive. Their verses inspire me to write, although my poems are far from being as powerful as theirs.

Sharing with you 5 of my recently written short poems, when I made the best use of my hour long train travel.

Are you an old soul too?

short poem life

When travel becomes a cure for the broken hearted.

short poem

The kind of sadness that’s tough to express!

short poem



The Mask

short poem

And this one is for everyone who receive smileys and one word replies 😅

Hope you liked reading them.

PS: I have no idea why I write poems that are downright sad 😋

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12 thoughts on “5 Short Poems – Love, Life and Travel

  1. Making the best use of time! Loved all of them. But the one on sadness struck a chord deep within.
    Look forward to many such…

  2. I liked all of them, Raj. I think that you are really creative and that sometimes sad words are just an expression without any other meaning to them.

  3. You wrote all of them in an hours journey??? You truly have the great poetic streak my girl. Each one of them are soulful.. To quote a few lines,” theres a kind of sadness that seaps through your skin>>>”.. Loved the lines

  4. I admire people who can make poetry effortlessly. I like your last one and the third one the most. I too have seen some beautiful poetry on Instagram. Some people like you are really good at it 🙂

  5. Poetry is the language of the soul 🙂 We can hide our feelings in prose but poetry reaches into our heart and says what is.

    Your sad poems don’t mean you are sad. They just mean that you are in touch with the empathetic part of your soul, which is a wonderful thing.

    Each poem is lovely, Raj. I lost myself like a beautiful, light feather, in the first two, especially.

  6. In love with a boy who replies in Lols and rofl and emojis
    Guess it’s just not me then 😉

    Loved the lines of the very first one, specially till the salmon sings on the street.

  7. Hey, those were really beautiful poems. Each of them deserved separate posts. Why don’t you start posting your poems as separate posts, with titles et al?


  8. Loved each one! You’ve beaded the words perfectly. The last one captures your humour so well, the others the wise poet and travel enthusiast.
    And Instagram has become my no. 1 place for inspiration too. I love it! Have been writing short prose/poetry over there, good idea to combine and publish on the blog.

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