I spy a magical sky

I was working in the kitchen when the  color outside changed to a strange orangish hue. It had been drizzling the whole evening. Living in Sydney has taught me that colors like this usually mark the arrival of a rainbow. So I stared hard at the sky, searching for sign, but couldn’t find any.  Maybe I was wrong.

I walked into the living room, which faces out frontyard and lifted the curtain slightly to see if the sky looked any different.

And this was the view that met my eyes.
No filters I promise.

Pink sky with rainbow

The sky was slightly pink and purple initially.  And then slowly, I saw it turn into a full blown pink cotton candy.  What was strange was the stark difference of this potion of the sky with the surrounding color,  which was a perfect blue.




Say aye if you too have seen pink magical skies.  And do share a link if you have written about it.  😊

Pink sky with rainbow


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17 thoughts on “I spy a magical sky

  1. Those are wonderful pictures of the sky. They are very pleasant to the eyes. Aren’t you used to such lovely patterns in the sky? Rainbows are always my favorite. I love to watch them but they are rare.

    I am trying to recollect memories of the sky with a rainbow. Those moments are less. Also I read somewhere that the more the sky is beautiful/colorful, the more it is polluted. I really don’t know if I must Believe it or not. To me, the sky is beautiful always.

  2. I am always amazed by what Nature offers and your pictures do such incredible justice to them too. I have seen a pink sky very often and shared it too on Insta, I think. Such a gorgeous sight.

  3. Gorgeous skywatch capture! I love that you had a full rainbow overhead!! Often times, we see beautiful pinks clouds in the evening sky just outside our living room window. The warmer months the view is the best. I can’t snap photos easily from there with other things obstructing the view but it’s sure nice to see. Happy WW!

    Curious as a Cathy

  4. Oh wow! How gorgeous is that! Unfortunately I don’t have such a view from my kitchen window but if I go to the roof, I am often caught off guard with some fantastic views, some even on my evening walks. And yes, I love pink skies.

  5. I have seen “cotton candy” skies like this before and they always leave me in awe. I was so excited to see your post and realize that others are also thrilled by this sight. So lovely.

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